Apex Legends Trident exploit gives players a game-breaking rat spot

Apex Legends Tridents are being abused and turned into rat spots.Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends Ranked player is using Revenant to turn Tridents into unbelievable rat spots.

There are all kinds of ways to hide and play for survival in Apex Legends. From using movement abilities to fly on top of obscenely high places all the way down to the classic ‘hug a corner and stay silent’ strategy, it’s a staple in the high-octane battle royale.

Some means are more nefarious than others though, and this latest trick bends the rules and keeps players more protected than should be possible.

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Apex Legends player campaigns against Trident rat spot exploit

The exploit is based around Revenant’s ultimate and requires everyone who wants to hide to activate his totem. After going in, one player will need to grab a Trident and position it over the squad’s dots that mark their entrance into the ultimate.

Once it’s in place, everyone simply needs to throw grenades at the ground to trigger the ability’s recall function. When done correctly, they’ll be placed entirely inside the Trident when they return.

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Apex Legends player DumboJumbo showed off the trick in the TikTok embedded above, insinuating that he’ll post a video of it every day until Respawn finally removes it.

Jumbo also combines the trick with a devious Black Market trap where a friendly Loba sets up shop near the Trident and leaves it up after her team grabs what they need.

This increases the chance that enemy squads will stop and browse for wares, unknowingly setting themselves up for complete failure when the team inside the Trident makes their move.

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As with all exploits, it’s better to approach them with caution as Respawn ultimately has the power to decide what’s a bannable offense and what isn’t. Ultimately, it’s best to leave this one for players who are willing to take that risk.

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