When does the Apex Legends battle pass release? Date, contents and more

Connor Bennett

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has captivated fans since its February 4 release and now they’re gearing up for the launch of the game’s first piece of major content – a battle pass.

The free-to-play battle royale game has swept across the gaming landscape like wildfire, picking up over 25 million players within the first two weeks of release.

The popularity of the game shows no signs of slowing down as Respawn continue to address issues that arise in the game – ranging from something as small as an annoying in-game bug to banning over 16,000 cheaters. 

While information regarding the battle pass is scarce, here’s everything we know right now.  

What’s in the Battle Pass?

It has already been confirmed that Respawn will release a battle pass system for Apex Legends, similar to Epic Games’ handling of Fortnite, when its first season of new content releases in March.

Players who purchase the battle pass will be entailed to exclusive cosmetic items and Apex Packs, where the cosmetic items will have a seasonal theme to them. 

It’s quite likely that new cosmetics will entail some things like new banners, voice lines and skins for each of the game’s legends – giving fans more ways to customize their favorite characters.

When is it coming out?

Respawn announced their year one roadmap shortly after the game’s release. However, they didn’t give any details about set dates for new additional content. All we know is that March will mark the beginning of Season One.

What we do know, though, is that the second season will happen in March while season’s three and four will be released in September and December respectively.

Respawn EntertainmentPlayers will soon be able to drop into games with brand new cosmetic items.

How much will it cost?

It’s a good question, but again, information is light on the ground and only Respawn knows what the pricing will look like. 

The pricing of the battle pass will depend on what is set to be released via the add-on system, so it remains to be seen. 

What else is coming?

In a recent game update blog post, Respawn confirmed that new Legends will be added to the game when season one kicks off.

Thankfully, for players who don’t purchase the battle pass, they won’t be locked behind any sort of paywall and the game will be accessible for all. 

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