Apex Legends balance dev hints at potential Evo Shield changes

Alex Garton
Evo Shields Apex Legends
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A tweet from an Apex Legends balance developer has suggested there could be changes coming to Evo Shields in a future update.

Having being introduced to the game back in March of 2020 and later made the default armor for every player, Evo Shields have become a fundamental aspect of Apex’s gameplay.

As the armor is upgraded based on how much damage you have dealt, it encourages players to take more gunfights to reach the next shield tier.

Despite this, the addition and balance of Evo Shields have been debated since their release, with some players preferring the game’s previous armor system.

Now, after the release of Starter Kits in Season 9, a tweet from a Respawn dev has suggested there could be even more Evo Shield balance changes on the way.

Apex Legends Evo Shield
Respawn Entertainment
Starter Kits were introduced in Apex’s Season 9 update.

Apex Legends dev hints at Evo Shield changes

When it comes to in-game changes in Apex Legends, it’s not uncommon to see Respawn developers asking the community for their opinion on the matter.

Well, a Respawn balance dev has done exactly that, asking players whether they think Evo Shields need any balance changes.

The dev raises a number of potential issues, including too many red shields at endgame, the amount of damage needed to reach each new tier, and whether Evo Shields feel balanced in ranked.

As mentioned in the tweet, it’s obvious Respawn has a clear idea of what changes they think need to be made, it’s just a question of whether the community agrees.

The resounding response to the tweet was that Evo Shields are in a good spot at the moment and don’t need to receive any changes.

Alliance pro player John ‘Hakis’ Hakansson even responded to the tweet, voicing that armor is balanced at the moment, but backpacks are still an issue.

It’s clear that the majority of the community believes that Evo Shields are balanced in the current meta, despite Respawn hinting that changes may be on the way.

We’ll have to see if the developers listen to the feedback of the player base, or still opt to make some tweaks to the armor.