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Apex Legends audio bug could explain bad game sound issues

Published: 15/Nov/2020 15:34 Updated: 16/Nov/2020 1:14

by Marco Rizzo


A major sound-bug has been found in Apex Legends which enables every player to hear any healing sounds from across the map. 

The bizarre glitch was found by Reddit user ‘u/mnkymnk’ and demonstrated in a video posted on the game’s subreddit.

His demonstration showed him and two other players deploying on the map and moving to a distance of 300 from each other. After increasing his in-game and system volume levels to 100 percent, he could hear the sounds of the two players healing.

More tests by the user proved that this specific audio cue can even be heard by players at a distance of 700 meters! 


I have found a MAJOR Sound-bug in Apex that might be responsible for a lot of the sound-issues like footsteps etc. from apexlegends

His hypothesis was that either Apex plays every healing (and shielding) sound to every single player on the map, or that healing sounds are capable of being heard from “a gigantic radius around you.” 

According to mnkymnk, this could mean that the glitch might be causing other sound-related bugs as the “universal” presence of healing sounds could be affecting how other audio is being played. 

Apex Legends is not new to bugs of this nature, with sound issues plaguing the game from the very start. Easy examples of silent footsteps or even gunfire appear online to this day.

While problems in the audio department seem to appear in every update, the sonic troubles have been noted by the developers, with promises of “significant changes” in the future.


Additionally, Chad Grenier, the current Apex Legends Game Director commented on audio in a recent Reddit AMA: “Our audio engineering team has spent the last few months building a new tool… to collect the debugging data we need.”

Apex season 7
Respawn Enterteinment
The most recent Apex update has also faced new audio issues.

The most recent Apex update has also faced new audio issues.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

With sound being one of the most crucial aspects of the game, it becomes apparent the difficulty that developers could have balancing the battle royale. 

Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that sound is one of their current priorities. If these planned updates are delivered, it could mean the solution to one of the biggest problems currently in Apex.