Apex Legends adding new Quickdraw hop-up in Season 7

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment are adding a new hop-up called Quickdraw for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension, and it’s going to give a massive buff to the popular Wingman and RE-45 pistols.

The Apex devs already have enough content coming in Season 7 to hold players over until the new year. With the launch of a new Legend, Horizon, as well as the introduction of Olympus, the game’s community have lots to enjoy within the Ascension update.

With the new season comes a change in the available hop-ups found throughout the Apex Arena. While some attachments could be on their way out of the loot pool, early access to creators like ‘Kandyrew’ revealed that the devs will be adding a new item to the loot pool in Ascension.

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apex legends re-45Respawn Entertainment
The RE-45 has received a few buffs in 2020, and now its getting a new hop-up in Quickdraw.

Quickdraw Hop-Up

The new Quickdraw attachment is going to give run-and-gunners something to love by increasing the speed it takes to aim down sights (ADS) for when you really need it.

Meanwhile, the accuracy of unscoped shots is going to get better, which will be especially pertinent for the full-auto RE-45. Of course, this will also help the Wingman finish off short-to-mid range opponents, but players might appreciate the ADS buff a bit more for the revolver.

Finally, and quite obviously, the Quickdraw hop-up is going to let people “draw the weapon faster, whether switching from another gun or pulling out a weapon after running unarmed.”

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The full list of Quickdraw buffs:

  • Better hipfire accuracy
  • Faster drawtime
  • Faster ADS

(Segment begins at 8:56)

This will be the first time the RE-45 will receive a new hop-up for the first time in over a year. The fully automatic pistol used to benefit from the Disruptor Rounds before that was taken out of the game at the start of Season 3 in October of 2019.

The Wingman already has the Skullpiercer Rifling attachment for players to use, making the Quickdraw a worthwhile alternative for people that prefer improved draw-time and ADS speed over an increased headshot multiplier.

Experimentation with the hop-up will be key to unlocking its fullest potential, so be on the lookout for play-styles to emerge as Apex Legends players get to know Season 7’s new Quickdraw attachment.

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