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All weapon buffs & nerfs in Apex Legends Season 7 update

Published: 2/Nov/2020 23:04 Updated: 2/Nov/2020 23:36

by Albert Petrosyan


The Apex Legends Season 7 patch notes were released on November 2, and along with all the new content coming in Ascension, Respawn Entertainment have also made changes to five of the game’s guns, added the new Quickdraw Hop-Up, and switched up Supply Drops.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the launch of Season 7, as Apex players will finally get to try out a brand new map for the first time in over a year, along with a new Legend, the game’s first-ever vehicle, and more.

However, almost as important as all the new content are the changes Respawn Entertainment implemented as well, especially when it comes to several of the important weapons. All of the details about these weapon tweaks can be found below.

Apex Legends Season 7 weapon buffs


L-STAR Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
The L-STAR has been considerably buffed for Apex Legends Season 7.

The L-STAR is one of three weapons that were given a boost in Season 7, as Respawn made three adjustments to Energy Machine Gun: a new recoil pattern, reduced venting time, and decreased time it takes to reduce heat.

  • LSTAR has a new recoil pattern that kicks horizontally at first and then settles into a relatively consistent upward recoil. Players who feather the trigger will be able to keep the LSTAR in the good portion of the recoil pattern.
  • LSTAR venting time after letting go of the trigger has been reduced 0.4s -> 0.15s.
  • LSTAR will now reduce heat faster when not overheated — 1.15s from 99.9% to 0% charge if not overheated, still 2.45s if overheated.

The devs explained that the L-STAR had “some limitations that caused it to feel worse” than they’d like, especially the recoil pattern, which “snaked back and forth, which was too difficult to control reliably.”

“We are reducing those pain points to improve the viability and feel of feathering the trigger and adjusting the recoil pattern to reward players who can effectively control the LSTAR’s heat,” they said.


Havoc Apex Legends Season 7.
Respawn Entertainment
The Havoc’s recoil pattern in Apex Legends has been improved in Season 7.

In a previous patch, Respawn had given the Havoc a brand new recoil pattern, which they say actually proved to be “too erratic and difficult to control.” As a result, the pattern has been updated and will now kick up, then right, then left, then up again.


The buff to the Sentinel is actually a major rework; the sniper rifle, when fully energized, now has an amplified damage effect rather than just hurting an enemy’s shields. Furthermore, the gun’s energized base damage was increased from 70 to 88.

The changes were meant to make the sniper more viable when in an energized state; the devs felt that, previously, it was “a bit too situational and only benefited if the opponent has more than 70 shield.”

Apex Legends Season 7 weapon nerfs


Hemlock Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
After becoming a bit too strong, Respawn have toned the Hemlock down a bit for Apex Legends Season 7.

Only two weapons were directly nerfed in this update, one of them being the Hemlock, which has gained more prominence in recent months after receiving several considerable buffs.

Turns out, those buffs may have made the assault rifle a bit too powerful, which is why Respawn have increased its horizontal recoil and recoil magnitude while reducing the headshot multiplier:

  • Increasing horizontal recoil of the first 3 shots slightly to the right (first burst when in burst mode)
  • Increasing recoil magnitude in the later stages of the pattern
  • Reducing headshot multiplier 2.0 -> 1.75 (44 -> 39 damage headshot against no helmet base character)

In order to compensate for the increased recoil, however, Respawn have reduced the recoil multiplier when in single fire mode: “Recoil should mostly be increased in burst mode rather than single fire mode.”

Triple Take

After having already been nerfed in a recent patch, the Triple Take’s effectiveness has been cut down again, this time with its fire rate being reduced from 1.3 to 1.2.

“The Triple Take is still performing a bit too well after the most recent nerf, so we are reducing the fire rate back to what it was before the 6.0 patch,” the devs explained. “We will be watching in the future to see how just the integrated choke, sniper ammo increase, and new popularity affect the weapon’s performance.”

Supply Drops & fully kitted weapons

R99 Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
The powerful R99 is back in Apex Legends as regular floor loot for Season 7.

As is the case for pretty much every season, the launch of Ascension has shuffled Supply Drops a bit. The R99 is no longer a Supply Drop exclusive weapon and has been returned to the normal loot pool, which means its stats will return to that version of the gun.

  • Damage: 12 -> 11 (from Care Package version to normal pre-season 6)
  • Ammo 20/22/24/27

Replacing it is the Prowler, which now boasts a magazine size of 35 rounds and reserve ammo of 175 rounds.

The fully kitted weapons have also been shuffled around, as all five have been replaced with a new batch of guns in their place:

  • Removed: Devotion, Mastiff, Triple Take, Flatline, Volt
  • New: Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, Alternator


With Season 7 comes the brand new Quickdraw Hop-Up for the Wingman and RE-45. This attachment, when equipped, reduces the guns’ draw-time and how long it takes to aim down sights (ADS), whole also reducing the hip-fire spread when not moving.

To make room in the loot pool, the Selectfire Receiver has been removed, although that shouldn’t be too consequential since the Prowler, which normally needs this Hop-Up to switch between burst and full-auto, can now do so without the attachment

That wraps up all of the weapon changes in the Apex Legends Season 7 patch. Remember, these buffs and nerfs will not go into effect until Ascension is fully live in-game, which is scheduled to be on Wednesday, November 4 at around 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET.

For more information about the rest of this update’s contents, you can check out the full Season 7 patch notes here.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Chaos Theory event: Caustic Town Takeover, Leaks, heirloom

Published: 24/Feb/2021 14:43

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends Season 8 event, Chaos Theory, is expected to release in March, and will launch alongside the release of Apex on Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything we know about the event so far, including release date, leaks, rumors and even an heirloom to be expected.

When is Chaos Theory event in Apex Legends?

The event is expected to start on March 11, just a couple days after the Switch release for Apex Legends, on March 9. This will follow the conclusion of the Anniversary Collection event on March 3, after it was extended by a week.

Events typically last between two and three weeks, so expect a similar time frame for Chaos Theory.

Despite no official announcement yet, we know it will be called Chaos Theory after Target revealed it early on their Nintendo Switch Champion Edition listing.

Caustic Town Takeover

Respawn have been teasing the next Town Takeover, expected to be for Caustic, in-game. The first teaser dropped on February 23.

The Town Takeover will be at Water Treatment on Kings Canyon, but we will have to wait until Respawn do a full reveal to see what it looks like.

Caustic in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic is next up for a Town Takeover in Apex Legends

Bangalore Heirloom

Bangalore is the only original launch Legend who hasn’t received an heirloom yet, and all signs point to her being next up.

Numerous leaks from data miners have found what Bangalore’s heirloom will be, so you can check it out here if you don’t mind the spoiler.

The Anniversary Collection event provides the opportunity to get 150 heirloom shards, so if you’re a Bangalore main, you might want to hold on to those shards for a bit.

Bangalore in war paint in apex Legends
Bangalore is the only original launch Legend without an heirloom – yet.

Chaos Theory event skins

We don’t yet have any images of the skins coming in the event, but data miners have narrowed down which Legends we can expect some new cosmetics for specifically.

Thanks to reliable leaker Biast12, the expected event skins are for the following characters:


  • Caustic
  • Crypto
  • Gibraltar
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Revenant
  • Wattson


  • Octane
  • Caustic
  • Wattson

There are also files for numerous recolors for past event skins, but we’re not sure yet if these will be available during the Chaos Theory event, or separately.

That’s everything we know so far about the Chaos Theory event, though there are still a lot of details unknown. We’ll keep you updated on everything right here, and on Twitter @TitanfallBlog.

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