Apex Legends players are freaking out over another Kings Canyon tree

Bill Cooney
Apex Legends Tree debate

Believe it or not, Apex Legends players are once again freaking out over nothing more than an in-game tree, one that some are swearing just recently appeared out of nowhere ahead of this week’s Season 7 update.

Play any battle royale game like Apex for an extended period of time and you’ll come to know the maps pretty well, which is why any changes often immediately stand out when they do happen.

This is especially true on King’s Canyon, which has seen changes since the game came out, but has stayed somewhat the same in unchanged parts that survived since then.

However, on November 1, a massive debate started on the Apex Legends subreddit over whether or not a single tree, located between Market and Bunker, was recently added to the game, or had been there forever.

Of course, as often happens in these kinds of debates, players quickly broke up into two opposing camps: one that is sure the tree just recently appeared, and the other that “just knows” it’s been there from the start.

“I’ve seen it many times,” one user assured us. “I’ve used it for cover.” While on the other side of things someone replied with “it definitely was not.”

Still, others argued that the tree has always been there, but was updated recently to add more green leaves to it, which makes it stand out and be more noticeable.

If you want to check out the random tree in question, you can find it at the buildings located in the valley between the Bunker and Market POIs.

Once you examine the tree for yourself, you can join the conversation as well, as we wait for the start of Season 7. Have to pass the time somehow, right?

Mysterious Tree Apex Legends
This is the rough location of the mysterious tree that bored Apex players are debating.

Whether or not the mysterious foliage was always there or if this is a case of it becoming more visible remains unknown, as Respawn doesn’t usually list minor cosmetic changes made to completely random trees scattered around Apex’s maps.

Believe it or not, however, this isn’t even the first time debate around Kings Canyon trees has flared up. Back in September, players were split on whether or not to remove one tree, though this was in a completely different spot.

Speaking of Apex Legends maps, the new Olympus arena will be arriving along with the start of Season 7, and it’s sure to have a whole forest of trees, bushes, and other shrubberies for players to dissect well into the future too.

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