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All skins & weapon camos revealed for Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade

Published: 15/Jan/2020 0:37 Updated: 15/Jan/2020 1:01

by Bill Cooney


Apex Legends launched a brand new in-game event called the Grand Soirée Arcade on January 14 that brought a number of new skins and cosmetics for players to collect during the festivities, and we have images of them down below.

We’ve already featured a number of new Apex skins for the Grand Soirée event and now we have the full collection for you to take a look at.

Ever since the Grand Soirée patch dropped, Apex Legends fans have been hard at work going through the game’s files to retrieve images of all the new content they can.


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Their efforts seem to have paid off, with images of all the available weapon camos and legend skins posted on Twitter by two of the most prominent dataminers in the community – iLootGames and That1MiningGuy.

Most of the images they’ve posted are of cosmetic items that are already in the game, but there appear to be some that haven’t been officially revealed yet as well.

Even more weapon and legend skins have been uncovered.

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iLootGames, who also leaked the first look at the upcoming new Caustic Twitch Prime skin, put together a master image of all the new skins for the event, along with several close-ups individual weapon camos.


If you zoom in on the master image provided by iLootGames, it’s possible to see all of the new weapon and legend skins that are and will be available during this in-game event.

iLoot Games
iLoot Games
All of the new cosmetics for weapons and legends during the Grand Soirée event.

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There were also some close-up images of several weapon camos shared, including for the Hemlock, Prowler and Devotion.

The Hemlock and the Devotion both have a bright gold/brass finish and an overall art deco/steampunk theme going on with them.

For the new Prowler camo the opposite is true, with the weapon sporting silver metal with dark cloth draped over it and neon green lights inside.


The Hemlock Devotion and Prowler skins are shown here.

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The R-99 also gets a neat skin that’s red and gold on the body, but changes to charcoal black as it reaches the barrel of the weapon.

The crazy-looking R99 skin for the event.

Finally, G7 Scout has a very regal-looking camo for the Grand Soirée event, in dark blue, silver and gold.

A dignified skin for a dignified weapon.

The Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade started on Tuesday, January 14 following the end of the Holo-Day Bash holiday event. It will go on for two weeks before wrapping up on January 28, just a few days before Season 4 is expected to launch on February 4.