Upcoming Apex Legends Twitch Prime skin for Caustic leaked

Caustic from Apex Legends.EA

An Apex Legends dataminer has uncovered the free Twitch Prime skin coming to game in January for none other than Caustic himself.

As part of their ongoing collaboration with EA and Respawn Entertainment, Twitch Prime began another multi-month promotion for free Apex cosmetics in December with an exclusive Crypto skin for players to collect.

The Crypto skin is only available until January 14 with Caustic next on the list, and thanks to iLootGames on Twitter, we now know what the skin will look like.

Crypto Caustic Apex Legends Twitch Prime skinsTwitch Prime
It doesn’t take a dataminer to figure out Caustic was the next hero in line for a Twitch Prime skin.

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What definitely looks like Caustic’s Prime skin was uncovered by iLootGames and shared on Twitter two days before the skin is set to release on January 16.

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The skin itself is red with gold trim along with Caustic’s trademark gas mask and goggles. His backpack also seems to be red/maroon, but his hair appears to be straight from the classic model.

It isn’t the craziest skin for the Legend we’ve ever seen, but it should fit right in with all the other new skins in the Grand Soirée Arcade event just fine.

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To unlock the skin when it becomes available, players will need to have an active Twitch Prime subscription and link their Twitch accounts with their EA accounts.

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Once the accounts are linked, all players need to do is visit the Apex Legends page on the Twitch Prime website, log in with Prime and claim the free Caustic skin for January.

There are still plenty more free Apex skins and cosmetics to come from Twitch Prime in 2019, but when we’ll get the next hint on February’s item remains to be seen.

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
The leak for Caustic’s Prime skin came the same day as the release of the Grand Soirée Arcade event.

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Along with a free new Caustic skin for Twitch Prime members, the final weeks of Apex Legends Season 3 will also feature the new Grand Soirée Arcade event.

This event is focused on Pathfinder but every legend in the game (Caustic included) will get their very own exclusive skin for the event. Check out all the skins we know of so far here.

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The Grand Soirée patch went live on PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 14, and the event wraps up on January 28.