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Apex Legends Revenant heirloom revealed: Dead Man’s Curve

Published: 24/Jun/2021 16:58 Updated: 24/Jun/2021 17:00

by Alex Garton


The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event arrives on June 29 and alongside it comes an heirloom for the Synthetic Nightmare, Revenant.

The addition of a new heirloom to the game is always exciting for the Apex Legends community as it doesn’t happen very often.

These exclusive and extremely rare items can only be acquired through a collection event or inside Apex packs, and as players are only guaranteed one after opening 500, it can be a long and tedious grind.

Luckily for all the Revenant mains out there, the Synthetic Nightmare’s time in the spotlight has finally arrived with the Genesis Collection event. Players will need to collect 24 items total to bag themselves the Dead Man’s Curve Scythe, so make sure you’re prepared for June 29.


First look at Revenant’s Dead Man’s Curve heirloom

Apex Lrgends Heirloom
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant’s heirloom is called the Dead Man’s Curve.

On June 24, Respawn Entertainment released the Genesis Collection Event trailer to their official YouTube channel and gave fans a first look at Revenant’s heirloom.

The menacing scythe is called the Dead Man’s Curve and matches the leaks that were released back at the start of May. With a red and black design, the heirloom certainly matches Revenant’s intimidating aesthetic.

Of course, the Genesis trailer showcases all of the unique animations that come with the heirloom, as well as Revenant reaping havoc with the scythe. This is definitely a collectible worth grinding for and maybe the most visually impressive heirloom introduced into the game so far.


Topic starts at 0:29

The countdown to June 29 has begun, so make sure you’re ready to collect every single item in the Genesis Collection event. There may be 24 total, but it’s definitely worth it to get your hands on the Dead Man’s Curve.

Keep in mind, after the collection event finishes, the only way to get the heirloom will be through packs, so don’t leave it all down to luck.

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