Aceu’s viral MW2-style trickshot is the perfect way to win a match in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
aceu Apex Legends

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has pulled off another unbelievable highlight-reel play with an MW2-style no scope to secure the victory.

While the number one priority in an Apex Legends match is picking the win, it’s always better if you can do it in style with a highlight-reel play.

Whether it’s a long-range sniper shot, a 1v3 outplay, or a death-defying escape, nothing feels better than beating the odds and pulling off the perfect clip.

One streamer that’s no stranger to jaw-dropping outplays is aceu, and he managed to pull off another in a recent stream, leaving his viewers speechless.

Securing the victory with a 360 no scope with the Sentinel, aceu’s play harkens back to the days of Modern Warfare 2 trick shots.

Aceu Sentinel no scope
Aceu has 2.6 million followers on Twitch.

Aceu pulls off MW2 trickshot in Apex Legends

During his May 22 stream, aceu reached the final ring at Barometer with one other squad and decided he wanted to finish the match in style.

Realizing that there was only one enemy player left, the streamer climbed up to high ground and geared up for a CoD-style trickshot.

Equipped with the Sentinel, aceu knew the opponent was below his position and managed to land a mind-blowing 360 no scope.

Leaving his viewers completely stunned, the streamer was shocked he managed to hit the shot and described it as a “vintage MW2” trickshot.

With the Kraber being hit with a major nerf in Season 13, a lot of players assumed the days of Apex sniper trick shots were over.

However, using the powerful Sentinel, aceu has proven there are still plenty of opportunities to impress with a rifle if you know what you’re doing.

So, if you fancy your chances and the highlight-reel play is there for the taking, it may be worth giving it a try, as you miss every shot you don’t take.

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