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Aceu’s viral Kraber kill is so good it almost looks like cheating in Apex Legends

Published: 26/Mar/2022 17:06

by Joe Craven


Former Apex Legends pro player Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has blown the minds of fans yet again, with an insane no-scope Kraber shot to win a match that is so good that it’s almost cheating. 

The overwhelming majority of Apex Legends players would agree that the battle royale’s weapon pool is diverse and well-balanced. Different ammo types, ways to acquire weapons and more make a host of guns viable, from the trusty and reliable R301 to the strong and volatile Flatline.

Perhaps the most coveted weapon in the game (apart from maybe the legendary Mozambique) is the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper which, as of Season 12, is only available in Care Packages.


During a March 25 Twitch stream, former competitive player aceu proved just why it’s so coveted.

Wattson using the Kraber in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Kraber is inarguably one of the strongest weapons in Apex, but it’s not easy to find or use.

Aceu, as is pretty standard for a player of his talent, was approaching a final 1v1 with a Kraber in his arsenal.

After a teammate spotted the remaining opponent, the former pro accidentally knocked his trigger and, amazingly, the no-scope connects and wins the streamer the match.

Thanks to its monumental damage, the Kraber can regularly be a one-shot kill, especially against enemies that don’t have full health or lack decent armor.

Aceu, stunned by his no-scope kill for the win, laughed and stated: “Oh my god, I did not mean to do that. I just no-scoped someone on accident, what the f**k. Yeah with the Kraber.”


With so many viewers stunned by what the streamer managed, the clip quickly went viral and, at the time of writing, sits at just shy of 40,000 views on Twitch.

It’s not the first time Aceu has blown the minds of his viewers, dropping a legendary 1v6 clutch for the win back in Season 11. 

Plays like this undoubtedly lead to cheating accusations, something Winn has stated he has to put up with annoyingly frequently.

We’re inclined to put it down to luck but, as top talents like aceu prove, the better you are, the luckier you get.