Apex Legends players demand weapon pool overhaul amid Heavy Ammo complaints

. 1 month ago
Apex Legends Newcastle next to Heavy Ammo logo
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn Entertainment to make major changes to the BR’s weapon pool, claiming that Heavy Ammo weapons are far too strong in its current version. 

Apex Legends’ weapon pool is among the many reasons players have found the game so engaging and immersive. From ground loot to care package weapons, there’s a plethora of guns for players of all skills. 

However, as has become standard in FPS titles, metas emerge in which certain guns are favored. 

Now, as Apex Legends approaches its fourteenth season of post-launch content, fans want to see an overhaul to the weapon pool. 

m600 spitfire apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
The M600 Spitfire has long been a popular pick in Apex Legends.

The issues were pinpointed in a May 21 Reddit post from player ‘MrFeature_1’, who claimed that Heavy Ammo weapons are, on the whole, far too strong. 

Should we talk about Heavy Ammo weapons?” they said. “Don’t get me wrong, I am so f**king happy to have the Spitfire on the ground (even though everyone else is using it). But come on.”

They went on to list all the weapons that use Heavy Ammo, arguing that each is incredibly powerful. 

On the Spitfire, they said it’s “so good it deleted the Rampage from the game.” 

Similarly, the Hemlok Burst is described as “probably the most underrated weapon in the game. Which makes it f**king strong. God help you if you come across an experienced player using this.”

Concluding their point, they said: “What do other guns have on these? I mean really? Can we get another GOOD energy weapon? Thank you.” 

A host of other players appeared to agree, with the post sitting at upwards of 400 upvotes at the time of writing. 

Some pointed out that the amount of Heavy Ammo available for players to loot could indicate an intentional meta change on Respawn’s behalf, with one player saying: “There is so much Heavy Ammo on the ground. Every game I am running duel heavy weapons with an abundance of ammo while my teammates are full stacked with heavy too.”

Because of this, the general sentiment was that a category nerf is required. It could well come with Season 14, expected to drop on August 8. 

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