Aceu’s 1v6 clutch could be Apex Legends Season 11’s best play

Aceu on Season 11 backgroundNRG / Respawn

NRG streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn produced a jaw-dropping play to secure the win in his Apex Legends match, clutching up in a 1v6 scenario with impressive speed, skill and accuracy. 

Aceu is one of the Apex Legends community’s biggest names. A former professional player in both Apex and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he is currently signed as a streamer to well-known esports organization NRG.

While viewers among his 2 million followers are more than accustomed to his fast-paced, top-tier gameplay – and occasionally uncompromising commentaries – there weren’t many who were expecting him to pull off what he managed during a December 5 live stream.

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aceu apex legends nrg retire quit esportsNRG
The former Apex pro also competed in CSGO as well.

Entering the final round with a couple of enemy squads left, ace was positioned just outside a small bunker on Apex’s new map, Storm Point.

He quickly engaged one of the remaining Trios, taking all members out with some incredibly accurate Alternator shots and some clever movement around the bunker’s pillars.

However, just after taking the penultimate team out, ace found himself engaged by the remaining trio, all of whom were closing in for the final kill.

Swapping between the Alternator and Wingman with impressive precision, ace also used a Rampart Amped Cover shield and an enemy’s death box to stay alive and regularly boost his dwindling health.

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That, paired with some incredible Wingman accuracy, was enough to see off the final team and secure the win. You can watch the full clip below:

Despite the quality of gameplay his audience is used to seeing, they weren’t quite prepared for the incredible clutch and many went on to spam their disbelief.

It’s up there with the best Apex Legends plays we’ve seen, and cements aceu as one of the game’s best creators to follow.