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Aceu blames Apex Legends “braindead” community for quitting the game

Published: 9/May/2021 16:12

by Joe Craven


Former CS:GO and Apex Legends pro player Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has slammed the battle royale’s community as “braindead”, blaming it for his move to other titles on Twitch. 

NRG’s aceu is one of few FPS gamers to go pro in multiple titles: CS:GO and Apex Legends. He retired from CS in 2019, opting to pursue a career in competitive Apex Legends.

However, this venture only lasted six months or so, as the American announced he was retiring from professional play to stream on Twitch full time.

He is still streaming full-time, but has branched out much more into other titles like Valorant, Escape from Tarkov and even Call of Duty: Warzone.


Aceu competing for Rise in CS:GO.

Returning to Apex Legends for a stream of the new Season, aceu turned his attention to the game’s community, calling some viewers “braindead” and a key reason for his move away from full-time competing.

“Okay chat you guys are actually f**king retarded,” he said. “Put it in sub mode please. You guys do not know anything. I’d never read such a braindead chat until I came to Apex Legends and I saw the people who watch Apex Legends. I can’t stand any of you guys. You wanna know the reason I left? Because there’s so many braindead f**king idiots that play this game.”


Continuing in a more tongue-in-cheek rant, aceu said, “I feel like I need to go find Jesus after reading chat just to get my eyes scrubbed,” he continued. “I need to be re-birthed to free myself from the things I read in an Apex stream. It blows my mind that people can put up with you guys for more than 4 hours and not lose their minds.”

Winn clearly feels that the level of backseat gaming and chat toxicity is much higher in Apex Legends, even stating it as a major reasons for his move towards other titles.

It’s not just the Apex community that is accused of frustrating streamers though, with lots of streamers often criticizing “backseat gaming.”