Aceu stuns viewers with mind-blowing Apex Legends 1v3 before quitting anyway

Aceu on Octane Apex Legends backgroundActivision

Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn has stunned his Twitch viewers with a mind-blowing 1v3 clutch, only to casually leave the match in question seconds after. 

Despite no longer competing in the ALGS, Aceu is known as one of the most talented Apex Legends players on the planet. 

He’s also an incredibly popular content creator, currently boasting over 2.8 million followers on Twitch. 

Whether it’s his forthright views on the current state of Apex or jaw-dropping gameplay to secure wins, fans tune in for a variety of reasons. 

They were given another reason to stick around during the creator’s December 8 livestream, as Winn outplayed a trio of enemies in mind-blowing fashion. 

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Aceu pulls off crazy 1v3 – and leaves game immediately after

Pinned down on a platform, Aceu found himself in an especially tight spot when a trio of enemies ziplined towards him.

However, after tagging the opponents, Aceu looked to reposition and retreat, telling the trio they “sucked” in the process.

Giving the Apex star the chance to heal up was the team’s big mistake. Re-energized and revitalized, he quickly set about taking them down one by one, using the R-99, Wingman, and even an Octane jump pad to devastating effect. 

Fans were even more baffled when, after eliminating the trio and joking that “there’s no way”, Aceu left the match and returned to Apex’s home screen.

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Such a casual ending to such a crazy moment had viewers scratching their heads, especially as any standard player would generally stick around and try to secure a win after such an impressive play.

The clip and the nonchalance with which it happened reiterate why Aceu is one of the best Apex players in the world, and why so many viewers tune in to see him bamboozle opponents.