IiTzTimmy wipes out Aceu’s squad with worst gun in Apex Legends at Twitch Rivals

Alex Garton
IiTzTimmy Aceu Apex Legends

During a Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament, iiTzTimmy pulled off an impressive squad wipe on aceu’s team with the Mozambique.

While every single weapon in Apex Legends can be lethal when used correctly, the Mozambique without a doubt has the worst reputation in the game.

Despite receiving buffs and being extremely potent with the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up, the shotgun simply falls short compared to most guns when it has no attachments.

Although the majority of players are immediately looking for a replacement for the Mozambique when they pick it up, iiTzTimmy proved at Twitch Rivals that the weapon can be deadly.

Wiping out aceu’s entire squad in a clutch skirmish with the Mozambique, Timmy demonstrated how any weapon can be effective if you know how to use it well.

Mozambique Apex Legends
Hammerpoint Rounds can be attached to the Mozambique shotgun.

iiTzTimmy takes down aceu’s squad with Mozambique

During Twitch Rivals, iiTzTimmy ran into aceu’s squad on Olympus After Dark and decided to take the gunfight head-on.

Equipped with a Mozambique with only a purple barrel, Timmy made short work of the first opponent landing multiple shots on them while dodging incoming bullets.

While the foe managed to escape on low HP, Timmy tracked them down, landing the final blow and then killing another enemy that had been tagged by his teammates.

That finally left aceu, and Timmy knew exactly where he was hiding. Jumping down on aceu from above for the 1v1, Timmy took out the talented FPS player with a set of precise Mozambique shots, granting his team the squad wipe.

While Timmy’s outplay certainly isn’t the flashiest clip, it does show how effective the Mozambique can be if you can land your shots consistently.

Of course, Timmy’s movement certainly helped him in the 1v1s, as he managed to avoid nearly all the bullets targeted at him.

Either way, it was an impressive squad wipe for Timmy but no doubt aceu will be looking for revenge in the next competition they meet face to face.

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