Aceu explains why he’s not playing “dead” Apex Legends Ranked in Season 15

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Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has slammed Apex Legends’ “dead” Ranked mode and revealed he isn’t going to play it in Season 15.

While most of the Apex Legends community prefers pubs for a more casual experience, some players want to take the competitive element to the next level.

That’s precisely where Ranked comes into play, a mode that aims to pit players of a similar skill level against each other and gives them a chance to climb the ladder by gaining points based on their performance.

Unfortunately, Ranked has received a huge amount of criticism over the past few seasons due to poor matchmaking, cheaters, and long queue times for the highest-skilled competitors.

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Well, these thoughts have been reiterated by aceu in Season 15, who revealed he won’t be playing Ranked until Respawn “fix the system”.

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Aceu explains why he won’t play Apex Legends Ranked

During a recent stream, aceu was asked by his Twitch chat whether he’d be playing Apex Legends Ranked in Season 15.

In response, he revealed that there’s no way he’s going to sit in “15-minute queues” just to play a mode filled with “cheaters and DDoSers”.

On top of that, aceu highlighted the matchmaking issues that are pitting “slivers. plats, and golds” against 3-stack Pred teams that just dominate the lobby.

Describing the mode as “dead”, it’s clear aceu has lost all his patience with Ranked and will be sticking with pubs for the foreseeable future.

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Despite this, aceu did take the time to mention that if Respawn “fix the system” he will jump back into Ranked again.

However, with the Ranked Reloaded overhaul arriving in Season 13, it’s hard to know if the mode is a priority for the devs at the moment.

While it’s possible they address some of the problems during the Collection Event or Season 16, players may have to wait until Season 17 or even 18 before any substantial changes are added.