56-year-old streamer stuns Apex Legends community by wiping 2 squads by himself

Carver Fisher
56 year old Apex Legends Player carries

A 56-year-old Apex Legends streamer Duncanas wiped two entire squads by himself in an incredible play, showing that you’re never too old to carry a game.

Video games are truly a hobby for all ages. However, considering younger audiences dominate competitive multiplayer games like Apex Legends, it can be easy to forget that older players are fully capable of carrying their teams.

Streamer Duncanas did just that in a highlight clip of him taking down 2 separate squads almost entirely by himself.

Never too old to carry your team in Apex Legends

This 56-year-old Australian phenom had no fear when running into two different squads to bring home the win for his team.

Duncanas made this look easy. He won fights at both long range and close range, used Valkyrie’s jet boosters to reposition, and played around the enemy Bangalore’s smokes to perfection.

Even with his teammates both getting downed, he kept his cool and made this play look easy.

This isn’t just a one-off instance, either. Duncanas streams regularly on his Twitch channel, and has a TikTok account that has accrued over 600 million total views with content almost solely built around Respawn’s shooter.

His TikTok content covers a wide range of Apex-related topics, one of which are tutorials on game mechanics. Not only is Duncanas racking up wins of his own wins, but he’s also teaching his audience how to do the same.

On top of all that, apparently this win as Valkyrie wasn’t their only win that night.

He replied to some commenters on the original Reddit post, thanking some of them and also talking about younger fans wanting to carry him. And, according to Duncan, he won 3 games that night alone.

“Won 3 games in 1.5 hours last night, so I’m doing OK. No carry required. ;-)”

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