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5 Apex Legends movement tricks that will help you improve

Published: 25/Feb/2019 10:13 Updated: 25/Feb/2019 11:12

by Joe O'Brien


An Apex Legends player has put together a list of useful tricks to improve your movement in the game.

Movement is a major part of success in Apex Legends. While there’s no substitute for good aim in a fire-fight, getting the most out of your movement can give you the extra edge you need when you’re outnumbered or outgunned.

Beyond the basics, there are a number of little tricks and tactics that can be used for an advantage in particular situations. Apex player u/quarkez has put together a short explanation of how each is pulled off.

Wall jumping

This trick allows you to bounce off of walls for a burst of speed and a sudden change of direction, perfect for remaining evasive under fire. In order to get it right, focus on the timing and remember to let go of w/forward. 

Respawn EntertainmentTaking advantage of terrain is a big part of Apex Legends movement.

Bunny hopping

By utilizing a “bunny hopping” technique of constant jumping after a slide forward for momentum, it’s possible to heal or shield while keeping your movement speed fast. This is ideal if you’re trying to escape on low health, as the back-and-forth movement also keeps you evasive.

Avoid fall stun

Normally, a long fall results in a short “stun”, during which your movement speed is reduced and you can’t take action. This can be cancelled for a more fluid transition.

Reverse slide

It’s possible to do a quick slide backwards, allowing you to escape quickly while still keeping an eye on any pursuing enemies. This technique can also be used in conjunction with bunny-hopping to heal up while staying fast and watching behind you.

Pathfinder catapult

Pathfinder already has some creative movement options with his grapple, but if you time a jump right you can use it to launch yourself much further forward. This technique also doesn’t require a high wall to swing from in order to get the boost.

Exactly how these tricks are executed can be seen in the helpful video by u/quarkez:

5 Movement Tips to Improve Your Gameplay in Less than 1 Minute from r/apexlegends

Apex Legends has proven immensely popular since its launch on February 4, with more than 25 million players picking up the game in a little over a week. If you’re looking to keep ahead of the masses, it’s worth building a repertoire of tricks like these to pull out when the situation demands it.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is adding a no-guns LTM in Season 7: Olympus Preview

Published: 30/Oct/2020 18:52 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 21:23

by Tanner Pierce


If you saw the new Apex Legends map called Olympus and thought to yourself “I’d like to explore that without having to deal with annoying enemies”, then Respawn Entertainment has the perfect solution: a no-weapon LTM called Olympus Preview.

With the start of Season 7, Respawn Entertainment is adding a brand new map to Apex Legends called Olympus. After being rumored for quite a while now, the developers finally confirmed the news during the Season 7 trailer, and gave fans an even deeper dive into the map during the gameplay reveal.

While that’s all well and good, being forced to jump into a map that you don’t know and immediately fight other players trying to experience the same thing is always a bit annoying in battle royale games. Luckily, the developers seem to have a solution, and it’s a cool concept.

New Olympus Preview LTM

With the start of Season 7, Respawn will be including a new limited-time mode called Olympus Preview, which will allow players to explore and experience everything the new map has to offer without having to deal with other opponents that immediately try to kill you.

The new 30-player mode will give fans an opportunity to jump into the map and test it out to their heart’s content. They’ll even be able to test the circles.

When a new map gets added to a battle royale game, not just Apex Legends, a lot of players just want a few matches to explore and experience it before having to fight others, so this helps solve that problem.

Respawn Entertainment/EA
Soon players will be able to jump into the new Apex map thanks to a weapon-free mode called Olympus Preview.

It also helps fans familiarize themselves with it so that they aren’t jumping in completely blind. The first Ranked split will be on Olympus too, so if you’re a competitive player, this new LTM comes highly recommended.

It’ll be interesting to see Apex continues this trend as time goes on. Obviously, that would require them to keep adding new maps but, nevertheless, it’s a fun concept to say the least.