5 Apex Legends movement tricks that will help you improve

Joe O'Brien

An Apex Legends player has put together a list of useful tricks to improve your movement in the game.

Movement is a major part of success in Apex Legends. While there’s no substitute for good aim in a fire-fight, getting the most out of your movement can give you the extra edge you need when you’re outnumbered or outgunned.

Beyond the basics, there are a number of little tricks and tactics that can be used for an advantage in particular situations. Apex player u/quarkez has put together a short explanation of how each is pulled off.

Wall jumping

This trick allows you to bounce off of walls for a burst of speed and a sudden change of direction, perfect for remaining evasive under fire. In order to get it right, focus on the timing and remember to let go of w/forward. 

Respawn EntertainmentTaking advantage of terrain is a big part of Apex Legends movement.

Bunny hopping

By utilizing a “bunny hopping” technique of constant jumping after a slide forward for momentum, it’s possible to heal or shield while keeping your movement speed fast. This is ideal if you’re trying to escape on low health, as the back-and-forth movement also keeps you evasive.

Avoid fall stun

Normally, a long fall results in a short “stun”, during which your movement speed is reduced and you can’t take action. This can be cancelled for a more fluid transition.

Reverse slide

It’s possible to do a quick slide backwards, allowing you to escape quickly while still keeping an eye on any pursuing enemies. This technique can also be used in conjunction with bunny-hopping to heal up while staying fast and watching behind you.

Pathfinder catapult

Pathfinder already has some creative movement options with his grapple, but if you time a jump right you can use it to launch yourself much further forward. This technique also doesn’t require a high wall to swing from in order to get the boost.

Exactly how these tricks are executed can be seen in the helpful video by u/quarkez:

Apex Legends has proven immensely popular since its launch on February 4, with more than 25 million players picking up the game in a little over a week. If you’re looking to keep ahead of the masses, it’s worth building a repertoire of tricks like these to pull out when the situation demands it.