Apex Legends trick lets Pathfinder climb any wall

An Apex Legends player has discovered a way of climbing up any wall with Pathfinder.

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The climbing and mantling system in Apex Legends allows you to climb over bigger obstacles than you might expect, but there’s still a limit to how high you can go.

Pathfinder, of course, is already an exception to the normal rules of movement. His grapple allows him to traverse obstacles that others can’t, and with the right momentum and angle can be used for a variety of movement tricks.

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Even with the grapple, however, there are walls too high for Pathfinder to climb. As u/scathrobi discovered, however, there is a way for Pathfinder to keep climbing indefinitely.

Respawn Entertainment

After hitting a wall and climbing initially, Pathfinder can continuously fire his grapple skywards to keep himself moving upwards, so long as the grapple doesn’t actually connect with the wall.

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Obviously there are only a few places where you might want to climb over a wall that can’t already be traversed with the grapple as usual, but it’s still a useful trick to keep in mind.

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That being said, it seems likely that this falls into the category of glitches that will eventually be patched out by Respawn, who’ve already stated they’re addressing certain unintended tricks like the one that allows players to switch weapons faster.

In the meantime, however, this trick could be used to catch enemies off-guard, or simply reach your destination a little quicker.

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