Toei Animation had One Piece fan edit taken down and fans are distraught

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Toei Animation Studio forced a fan-favorite video from YouTube be removed, which has left One Piece fans distraught.

One Piece is popular for its spectacular world-building and beautiful scenery. The world is vast, as the story follows the crew as they travel every part of it. One of the popular videos on YouTube, “The Breathtaking World of One Piece,” was taken down by Toei Animation Studio due to copyright issues.

The eight-minute-long video features some of the most beautiful scenes in the hit TV show, including islands, unique creatures, and a captivating soundtrack. The video editor shares a heartfelt message to fans, who are all upset over the video’s removal.

When someone asked if the account still had the raw video, they shared: “I have the video saved, but I can’t go ahead and reupload it right away. They also gave me 1/3 strikes. I plan to keep my channel going because I also have a new AMV coming, which will also probably get taken down at some point.”

In another post, they share their plans after the video’s removal, “Also, I have long planned to make something far far far more ambitious in the future once the entire world would’ve been unveiled. But I’m discouraged to hell at the moment. Maybe it should be left for the official studio to do so.”

One fan comments, “It was perfect. I’m so sad they took it down, but the mark it has left is so big; I have loved seeing different people’s reactions to that video.”

“This video single-handedly put more people on one piece than any promotion Toei was putting out at the time; they’ll never take that from you,” shares another.

Another fan shares, “That’s so lame not gonna lie. One of the best videos I’ve seen. It got so many people into one piece and this is how toei show their appreciation for someone that took the time to make this.”

While Toei taking down this video is well within their rights, One Piece fans are greatly upset by how things turned down. The studio is facing a lot of negative attention because of their action.

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