My Hero Academia cosplayer embraces the Christmas spirit as Mina Ashido

. 2 years ago
My Hero Academia Mina Ashido cosplay
Mathilde / Viz Media

Mina Ashido is less popular than other characters in My Hero Academia, but she still has plenty of fans, and one decided to mix pink with red and cosplay her with a Christmas twist.

My Hero Academia’s characters come in all shapes and sizes. Each one has a unique look, personality, and style. However, what truly separates them from others is their trademark quirk.

Tsuyu Asui, better known as Froppy, looks and acts like a frog in line with her quirk. Koji Koda looks like a rock, and his quirk allows him to have a special kinship with animals and even control them.

However, neither of them look as eccentric as Mino Ashido. She has pink skin, black eyes with yellow irises, disheveled fluffy pink hair, and two yellow horns sticking out of her head. It’s all due to her quirk, Acid, which lets her produce a corrosive liquid from her body.

My Hero Academia Mina Ashido cosplay
Viz Media
Mina Ashido has a cheerful and warm personality, but she’s a formidable hero too.

It’s not all about her appearance, though. My Hero Academia fans love her cheerful and outgoing personality and the fact she’s obsessed with fashion. Mino Ashido’s hero costume, which is essentially a purple and turquoise bodysuit, is a testament to that.

If she were real, she’d be proud of a popular cosplayer named Mathilde, who brought her to life in style. However, instead of her wearing her hero outfit or the U.A High School uniform, Mathilde slipped into a red and white Christmas outfit instead.


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The outfit, which looks like a one-piece Christmas dress mixed with some straps and sleeves, is all class.

However, the pink skin, pink hair, make-up, eye-color, and of course, the horns steal the show.

Cosplayers often have a hard time trying to re-create Mino Ashido’s appearance. After all, it’s hard to become completely pink. Still, Mathilde seemed to have no issues at all. She absolutely nailed it, and her fans thought so too.

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