My Hero Academia cosplayer thirsts for blood as Himiko Toga

. 2 years ago
Bones / Instagram: blood.raven, rudyphototaker

A My Hero Academia cosplayer has done an incredible job of recreating one of the anime’s most prominent villains, Himiko Toga, having revised an already stunning version of the character from around a year ago.

While My Hero Academia has plenty of interesting heroes for the audience to root for, each with their own fascinating Quirks, no one has captured people’s attention in quite the way the Himiko Toga has.

As one of the series’ primary antagonists, the blood drinking villain causes chaos for some of the main cast. But her eerily cheerful demeanor combined with her vicious character qualities has made her an iconic figure for many fans.

Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia.
Bone Inc
Himiko Toga is a vicious villain with a taste for blood.

This has gone on in turn to prompt many cosplays inspired by the character, and with a wide range of unique aspects to her appearance, people have had plenty of fun recreating Toga.

We’ve seen some fantastic cosplays from bloodraven before including a spooky take on Pennywise for the movie IT, and as other MHA character’s like Midnight. We even saw her do a fantastic version of Toga before.

Cosplayer reveals new and improved Toga

However, she recently revealed that she had been working on a new version of her Toga cosplay, and just as we thought her last one couldn’t be improved upon, a year later this new version has proven to be even more stunning than the ones before it.

In stunning photos shot by rudyphototaker, bloodraven shows off the base canisters by thedangerousladies, that she reveals she actually painted herself, giving it a super detailed look. The canisters are now also removable thanks to magnets, making it fully operational, not just cool looking.

A new wig with a base from kasouwigs has been styled to emulate Toga’s voluminous buns on either side of her head, with the defined spikes giving the look a definite animated feel.

The classic school uniform style combined with the heavy machinery and masks perfectly highlights Toga’s contrasting personality, and the way she poses definitely brings life into the already dynamic outfit.

This new version of her Toga cosplay was certainly worth the wait, as the photos that came from the shoot are incredible.

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