10 best anime series like Tokyo Revengers

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The characters in Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is currently on its third season, and fans are loving it – so here are the ten best anime series you should check out while waiting for the next episode.

We all know about Takemichi’s difficult journey to save his ex-girlfriend. The manga has already finished, and the anime series is currently in its third season. While fans who’ve read the manga know exactly how Takemichi’s story will end, the anime-only fandom is still following the story through its animated adaptation.

It’s for sure that Tokyo Revengers‘ amazing story popularized the stories of delinquents worldwide; however, sadly, there are not many Anime series that revolve around bike gangs.

That being said, there are indeed several fascinating and entertaining shows that are similar to Tokyo Revengers in terms of theme or the overall story. Here are some of our top picks.

10. Dr. Stone

TMS Entertainment

Much Like Tokyo Revengers, Dr. Stone is a grounded anime that doesn’t feature any supernatural powers and focuses on real-life elements instead. The sci-fi anime is about a prodigy teenager who finds a solution to every problem through science. Senku awakens 3700 years after every human on Earth turns into stone through a process called Petrification. With every trace of technology gone, Senku takes it upon himself to reintroduce technology to a civilization that is now pushed back to the Stone Age.

Senku from Dr. Stone is very similar to Takemichi in the sense that they both use their brain to overcome all the challenges. They aren’t muscle-heads who boast incredible supernatural abilities, but they still have the ability to save their loved ones.

9. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

A still from The Girl who leapt through time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time isn’t exactly a TV series, but the anime movie still deserves to be on this list because of its similar nature to Tokyo Revengers. Tokyo Revengers isn’t about someone saving the world, but it simply focuses on a guy who wants to prevent a Biker gang from turning evil.

Similarly, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is about a girl who uses her time-leap ability too recklessly. She soon realizes that she can jump through time only a limited number of times, so she has only a limited number of attempts left to undo her mistakes. While the anime movie doesn’t focus on murder or gangs, it does feature themes like love and alternate realities, which makes it very similar to Tokyo Revengers.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

A still from Yu Yu Hakusho

Like Tokyo Revengers, Yu Yu Hakusho is a series that involves delinquents, very much like Tokyo Revengers.

Created by Yoshihiro Togashi, the Shonen Animanga series tells the story of a teenage boy named Yusuke Urameshi. The series sees him as someone who loves to do everything except study. He leads the life of a rebel until he gets hit by a car.

If you are someone who enjoys watching narratives with a lot of action and drama with a touch of comedy, Yu Yu Hakusho is a perfect pick for you.

7. My Hero Academia

A promotional image from My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble featuring Deku, All Might and Bakugo.

Similar to Takemichi, My Hero Academia also gives us a crybaby protagonist, Deku, who is born in a world where the majority of the population holds several unique powers called ‘quirks.’

Despite being quirkless, he has a dream of becoming a pro hero. Fortunately, his dreams are fulfilled by his mentor, All Might, who passes on his quirk to Deku after witnessing his determination.

Initially, My Hero Academia faced backlash for bringing a crybaby hero in the primary role, but as the story unfolded over the years, fans started admiring the show’s characters while also getting quite attached to them.

6. Demon Slayer

An image of Tengen Uzui with his wives in Demon Slayer

Here’s another anime series that features a crybaby main protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado. However, this can be justified, as he witnessed the death of his whole family and saw his younger sister transform into a demon right in front of his eyes.

Despite the pain he went through in his early years, after a lot of hard work, he manages to earn a reputable place in the Demon Slayer Corps.

In Tokyo Revengers, we see Takemichi using his time leap ability to reverse his girlfriend’s death. Similarly, in Demon Slayer, Tanjiro uses all his might to undo his sister’s demonic transformation. So, in both shows, the main protagonist goes on a journey to save someone they love.

5. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

A still from Mushoku tensei

Tokyo Revengers is a story where Takemichi gets a second chance at his life after discovering his time leap ability while he’s on the brink of death. Similarly, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation follows a hopeless man who, after getting tired of his life, dies in an accident. Later, he is reborn in a magical world.

Initially, he gets into a dilemma after seeing his new body, new parents, and his new world. But slowly, he is enticed by the mysteries of this new life and the magic he holds.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a series that comes with mesmerizing animation and a well-paced storyline that every anime enthusiast must watch.

4. Erased

A still from Erased

Erased features an exact theme Tokyo Revengers falls under. Erased follows Satoru Fujinuma, who has time-traveling abilities similar to Takemichi. He is able to go back in time whenever he sees a blue butterfly to save the present from deadly situations.

However, one day, something bad happens, and he goes 18 years back in time – this time, to save his elementary school classmates from a serial killer.

Coming from A-1 Pictures, Erased flaunts a fantastic animation and a breathtaking story that will leave fans on the edges of their seats with every episode. Trust us; you’ll end up binging this one!

3. Steins;Gate

A still from Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate follows a mad scientist, Okabe, who travels back in time to save one of his friends from dying.

In Tokyo Revengers, Naoto becomes the trigger that lets Takemichi travel to his high school days, while in Steins Gate, Okabe creates his own time-traveling machine, which he uses to reds and undo his own actions. Besides that, this anime series also sees the main protagonist’s friends making efforts to help him in however they can.

Steins;Gate is a series that shows Okabe’s struggles to obtain a peaceful future by saving every friend of his who couldn’t get a chance to become a part of it.

2. Oshi No Ko

Ai from Oshi No Ko

Oshi No Ko revolves around a doctor and a die-hard fan who get reborn as the twins (Aqua and Ruby) of the idol they admired the most. After Ai’s (the idol’s) brutal murder, her son Aqua goes on a mission to find his mother’s killer, while the daughter, Ruby, works hard to become an idol just like Ai.

While Oshi No Ko doesn’t feature a timeleap, it does include something similar: reincarnation. Also, as Takemichi dives deep into the Tokyo Manji gang to figure out who’s behind his ex-girlfriend’s death, Aqua uses his knowledge to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s killer.

Oshi No Ko was released in early 2023, and it became a sensation overnight because of its unique and gripping concept that reveals the dark truths of the Japanese entertainment industry.

A still from Link Click

Link Click tells the story of two photo studio owners, both of them having special abilities to alter the past. They make use of their abilities to help their clients to relive their past moments and find everything they seek.

Tokyo Revengers is all about correcting the mistakes of the past, while also not breaking the future, and Link Click follows somewhat of a similar story.

As we already know by now, there are several stories where a protagonist tries to change things in the past; however, very few anime do that in a way that’s entertaining or thrilling for the viewers like Link Click. So, it’s definitely one of those anime series that deserves your undivided attention.

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