Attack on Titan creator apologizes for controversial ending: “I’m really sorry”

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The ending of Attack on Titan is a gut-wrenching one, but not everyone is a fan, so much so that the show’s creator has apologized for it.

Attack on Titan has been one of the most influential animes of recent years, so its conclusion is obviously a very big deal. However, it’s not always for the right reasons.

The anime, which first began as a take of the remnants of humanity fighting off giant monstrous titans, has taken many a twist and turn since it first came out in 2013, and its finale is set to be the most gut-wrenching installment yet.

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The events of the finale are so shocking, however, that it’s become somewhat controversial, and the creator of the manga has gone on record to apologize for it.

Attack on Titan creator was anxious about the ending

Attack on Titan has transformed its plot over the years. Over the course of the series, the main hero, Eren Yeager, has become the main antagonist, and is now using his titan powers to wipe out those that attempted to oppress him.

The final season of the anime has been airing since December 2020, with its third and final part coming out sometime in 2023. And this drawn-out process has done nothing but make people more hyped, to the point that its creator Hajime Isayama was a huge draw at this year’s recent Anime NYC.

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This event was the 36-year-old manga creator’s first-ever appearance in the United States, despite the manga having spent 100 weeks on the New York Times Best-Sellers List.

However, despite his popularity, Isayama was apparently very nervous to see his fans, as Kodansha issued a statement from him on their Instagram page just before the convention, which stated, “I am aware that the ending of Attack on Titan was quite controversial. I am open to receiving people’s honest opinions. However, I would appreciate it if you’d be kind to me.”

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It was also revealed during his panel at the convention that he had always been nervous about the fate of Attack on Titan, as he found the story really hard to pitch – he started pitching it at 19 – and expected it to be canceled at any time.

“I would say 80 percent of manga is canceled after two volumes and you might not get the initial investment that you put into the story back,” he explained.

The ending had only made his anxiety worse, according to Anime News Network, which described Isayama as “bearing the burden of wanting to live up to fan expectations but also to go against them.” He was sleeping for only two or three hours per day, and was often unable to draw.

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Fans support the manga creators’ decision

At the convention panel, when someone asked if Isayama always knew how the series would end, he said: “This is what I wanted to do. From the very beginning, I knew where this series would land but details like how the main character would get there weren’t determined.”

“I still have my doubts within myself if I did it right,” he said. “I still struggle with this point and I’m really sorry about it.”

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Fans in the panel audience yelled out their appreciation for him and the manga’s ending, and Isayama made sure to thank his readers for their support, and believing in him when no one else did.

“When I was carrying those heavy feelings and was in a rut for a long time until about yesterday,” he continued.

“I had signings and got to talk to fans one-on-one and many told me the ending was awesome. Those kind words really hit me and I feel great gratitude to come to NYC and to meet you all. It was a great experience for me.”

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Attack on Titan Seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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