Make millions from April fish & bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo (via Twitter: triforcemeg)

One of the biggest questions in Animal Crossing is how to earn Bells to pay off Tom Nook’s house loan. Fishing and catching bugs in New Horizons is a big money maker, though, especially in April.

April is a great season for Animal Crossing players, what with the cherry blossoms and Zipper T’s Bunny Day event in celebration of Easter. It also happens to be a great month for fishing and bug-catching, too – which means a great month for your wallet.

A New Horizons player has put together a list of critters you should be catching in the Northern Hemisphere over the next few weeks in order to rake in the Bells and make some sweet, sweet deposits into your savings bank account.

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Best April fish & bugs in New Horizons

Reddit user ‘Kflame210‘ shared their chart to the Animal Crossing subreddit, which shows just what you need to be catching in order to get the most out of your fishing and bug-catching trips.

The bottom tier, Don’t Bother, includes critters worth 500 and below; Meh shows ones 1,500 or less; Now We’re Talkin with 5,000 and under; and Oh Baby! with anything over that.

Flies, fleas, and ants are have the lowest selling value at 60, 70, and 80 Bells, so it’s really not worth lining your pockets with those if you’re looking to earn a pretty penny. Squid, zebra turkeyfish, and neon tetra all fetch 500 a piece, but still not enough if you’re going for the big bucks.

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Reddit: Kflame210
Aim for the ones in the Oh Baby! tier if you want the moolah.

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Tiger beetles can net you some cash if you turn in enough of them as they’re worth 1,500 each, but if you aim higher, you should really be going for anything in the Now We’re Talkin category or above.

Barred knifejaws are one of the more popular candidates for raking up the Bells, and you’ll get 5,000 per piece for your efforts. Wasps are also okay, but you’ll only get 2,500, though it’s good if you’re planning on shaking trees – why not catch them for some easy money while you’re at it?

The big bucks are made from coelacanths, golden trout, and barreleyes at a whopping 15,000 a pop, though they’re rare so you’re really not going to run into them too often. Crafting some bait will help you though, and you can scare off anything that’s not a decent size to increase your chances.

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Coelacanths only appear in the ocean when it’s raining.

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New Horizons has been a smash hit with Animal Crossing fans ever since its release on March 20. It’s understandable, though, as they waited an agonizing six years for another mainline entry in the series.

The game did so well on release, it actually smashed sales records in Japan to become the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title to date in just its opening weekend alone.