Animal Crossing fans really want Dodo Airlines birds in Smash Ultimate

Brent Koepp

The Animal Crossing community is pushing for New Horizons’ Dodo Airline birds Orville & Wilbur to be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. An artist’s creation of the DAL Crew joining the fight had fans going wild.

Animal Crossing New Horizons released on March 20 and has already become a smash hit around the world. The Nintendo title whisks players to their own island getaway as they build their town in the tropical setting.

One of the new additions fans seem to be in love with is the Dodo Airlines – or, more specifically, the bird characters that run it – and the AC community on Reddit wants them to be added to Smash Ultimate.

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DAL crew in Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo’s iconic fighting game which came out in December 2018 for the Switch. The epic crossover title is packed with over 88 characters from Final Fantasy to Banjo Kazooie.
However, fans of Animal Crossing want to see New Horizons characters Orville & Wilbur to join the fight as future DLC. In the game, the two birds run the airline, which allows you to fly to other players islands or visit new locations.

Reddit user ‘toastrmann‘ kicked off the discussion over on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit when they uploaded their fan art which depicts the DAL crewmembers in Smash.

Reddit: toastrmann
A Reddit user sparked the discussion of the New Horizon characters being added to Smash Ultimate.

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Many fans agreed with the post, and got excited at the prospect of them joining the fighting title. User ‘Vaperaham’ said, “Would love for them to have an ice climbers type thing.” Another Redditor ‘OSPthatsme’ replied, “I could see the taunt being their little salute to each other!”

Animal Crossing fans would love the DAL crew to join Smash.

The two birds would be a great fit seeing as Animal Crossing is already represented in Smash Ultimate with New Leaf’s lovable mascot Isabelle and Villager.

Technically, Orville & Wilbur have already made it into Smash as Nintendo announced that the New Horizons characters will be added as ‘Spirits’ in the single-player mode for a limited-time event.

To celebrate New Horizons’ release, characters from the game will be featured as spirits in Smash Ultimate for a limited time.

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Despite only being out for a couple of weeks, Animal Crossing’s latest outing has been an incredible success story for Nintendo. Within its first week alone, it broke sales records to become the fastest selling Switch title of all time in Japan.

The relaxing social simulation has captured the hearts of players from around the world, as the tropical island setting has allowed many to escape from the real world during stressful times.