How to unlock shops at Harv’s Island Plaza in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons now lets you find all of the game’s traveling merchants on Harv’s Island Plaza. Here’s what stores are available and how you can unlock each one.

Nintendo added a bunch of new content in New Horizon’s 2.0 update including a brand new area on Harv’s Island. Once you unlock everything, this place will eventually become a bustling plaza filled with locales for some of the game’s temporary shops.

Harv’s Island Plaza is unlocked after you get a photo studio. This happens when you have at least three villagers living on your island if you’re just starting out.

Following the 2.0 update you’ll be able to start working on the Plaza as soon as your first visit, after talking to Harv and Harriet. So, here’s what shops can be built and how to do it.

Shops available on Harv’s Island Plaza

Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
Leif is just one of the vendors who can set up shop on Harv’s Island Plaza.

Unfortunately, not every single traveling shopkeeper can set up a permanent location on Harv’s Island Plaza. CJ and Flick cannot be made permanent, and neither can Turnip hustler Daisy Mae.

Quite a few can be unlocked, though, and it’s definitely worth building each one for the convenience of not having to wait around for them to show up.

The full list of stores that can be built on Harv’s Island Plaza is down below:

  • Shampoodle — Harriet’s hair salon
  • Redd — paintings and sculptures
  • Sahara — rugs and wallpapers
  • Katrina — fortune teller
  • Re-tail — Reese and Cyrus’ customization shop
  • Leif — bushes, flowers, trees
  • Tortimer — Storage access on the plaza

How to unlock different shops on Harv’s Island Plaza

Katrina’s fortune telling can be unlocked on Harv’s Island too.

To build the various vendors on the Plaza, you’ll need to contribute 100,000 Bells for each one. This is done by donating to the Gyroid standing where each shop will go.

Each shop takes a day to build, so you’re looking at a minimum of seven days to get it all filled out. Harriet’s salon is automatically added once you build the first shop.