Every Smash Ultimate character remade in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

. 2 years ago

Two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises collide after one fan spent over 400 hours recreating every single character from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nintendo may have gotten this all started when they added Animal Crossing’s Isabelle to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but now a fan has returned the favor, redistributing all brawlers from Smash Bros. into the bright, colorful terrain of New Horizons.

There are a full 74 characters in Smash Bros. Ultimate, the largest roster in the franchise’s history. And with seemingly infinite options for customization in Animal Crossing, it appears that one fan wanted to help Isabelle bring her new friends back to her original stomping grounds.

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Animal Crossing’s Isabelle was a beloved addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and now the cast-exchange favor is being returned by a fan.

While characters like Mario and Snake were probably simple to recreate, they came out adorably in the AC universe. Conversely, for characters with unconventional facial features—like Yoshi and Lucario—Redditor and the cast’s creator, ‘DJ-Dez’ was able to capitalize on the game’s intricate hat design options to create brilliant workarounds.

They posted these to Reddit’s Animal Crossing hub, noting that this project took over 400 hours and could be considered their Nintendo job application.

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While there’s been no word just yet on Nintendo’s response, DJ-Dez is still sure to reap some incredibly positive karma for their creations. They were kind enough to share nearly all of the project’s looks (aside from a couple, like Kirby and Mr. Game & Watch, that used in-game items) through their creator ID: MA-3790-6501-6469.

This is yet another example of the Animal Crossing community showcasing boundless creativity and absolute mastery over the game’s customization suite. 

We’ve already seen other popular characters, like Adventure Time’s Finn and Avatar: the Last Airbender’s Katara, recreated by the title’s expansive creative capabilities. Those may not have been anywhere near the scale of DJ-Dez’s 74 different outfits, but they were impressive nonetheless (and accompanied by video content and location creations, respectively).

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Reddit: demonica12
Avatar: the Last Airbender’s Spirit Oasis reimagined in New Horizons.

Upon hearing that some were surprised DJ-Dez was giving away all of their creations for free, their reaction was heartwarming: “I’d be stupid to charge and people would be stupid to pay. World’s crazy enough as it is and people are finding it tough, so I hope this brings a little joy.” 

Looking back at that silly, tiny Donkey Kong outfit—it can most certainly be confirmed that joy has been brought.

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