How to get Summer Shells & DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)

There’s a new seasonal event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it involves collecting Summer Shells and exclusive DIY recipes in order to get some pretty epic items.

When New Horizons released in March, it introduced several new features to the series such as Hemispheres, terraforming, and more. One of the most-loved additions is the ability to craft new furniture and clothing using recipes and materials found around your island.

Spring saw the cherry blossom period which awarded players with Japanese-themed items and DIYs, and also housed the bamboo season with similar rewards. Now that summer is here, the next event is all about Summer Shells – here’s everything you need to know about grabbing the exclusive ocean-themed items and recipes.

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Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
Summer Shells are found on the beach, and are very distinct in color.

How to get Summer Shells & DIYs in New Horizons

Starting June 1 until the end of August in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll be able to find Summer Shells along your beach where you’d usually find regular ones like conches and corals. For Southern players, they will appear from the start of December to the end of February.

They have a distinct blue color compared to others, so they won’t be too hard to spot alongside the shoreline when hunting them down. You won’t always find them straight away, so in order to spawn more shells, pick up everything along your beach and wait approximately an hour.

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There are eight DIYs that you can craft using Summer Shells. You’ll need around 30 of them in total to create everything so make sure you pick them up every time you spot one on the sand.

Like other seasons, the recipes are obtained by shooting down balloons using a slingshot. To find out how to spawn them in more often, check out our guide. You can take a look at the Shell wreath in-game below courtesy of Animal Crossing World.

Animal Crossing World
Find recipes by popping balloons.

The list of every DIY and crafting materials needed can be found below:

  • Shell wand – 3x Summer shells, 3x star fragments
  • Shell wreath – 1x Summer shell, 1x sea snail, 1x sand dollar, 1x coral, 1x giant clam, 1x cowrie
  • Shellfish pochette – 6x Summer shells, 2x giant clams
  • Starry-sands flooring – 3x Summer shells, 1x sandy beach flooring
  • Tropical vista wall – 5x Summer shells
  • Underwater flooring – 3x Summer shells, 3x coral
  • Underwater wall – 3x Summer shells, 5x coral
  • Water flooring – 6x Summer shells