Animal Crossing player creates “catalog island” to buy every item

Alice Hearing
Animal Crossing New Horizons player makes catalog island

Any player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons understands that obtaining every single possible item from Nook’s Cranny is a huge achievement. It takes many hundreds of hours of gameplay to collect every wallpaper, flooring, K.K. Slider song, piece of furniture, item of clothing, villagers posters.

But one player has announced the creation of a “Catalog Island” after months of collecting and 3 weeks of setting up. The island offers a place to go and peruse and pick up every single item you desire, all for free. On Twitter, @Jaiofeden is giving players the chance to visit the island by asking users to retweet and follow her account.

The Island is meticulously organized. Naturally grouped all together are Flooring and Wallpaper, K.K. Slider Songs, Plants, Beach items, and wall-mounted items. A giant part of the beach is dedicated to Miscellaneous items, placed next to all throwback items.

Animal Crossing new horizons player makes catalog island
“Catalog Island” is meticulously organized

A separate section is also dedicated to villager posters with sub-categories: new villagers, Sanrio, non-playable characters.

The other main sections are organized by room or use. “Kitchen Heaven” contains all kitchen and diner items, “Recreational Kingdom” contains all gym and arcade items and all lamps, “Restroom and More” includes instruments, bears and electronics as well as bathroom items, while “Bedroom and Living room Utopia” does what it says on the tin.

Jai hopes to do an update in the near future with every single rug from Saharah, who sells mystery rugs, flooring, and wallpaper.

Since the island’s opening, Jai has been showered with praise, with one visitor saying “that is the most beautiful, most organized island I’ve ever seen… I already ordered like 60 things”

How to get invited

Jai invites 4 players at a time and uses more than one method to select those visitors. Jai specifies that in order to be invited you must be a follower. She will often take a selection from people who have retweeted her or commented on a tweet that day.

She also specifies that she will not accept accounts with no profile picture and no followers as those profiles cannot be accountable for stealing.

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