Demon Slayer intro gets epic recreation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Brent Koepp
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[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]An Animal Crossing player used New Horizons to recreate Demon Slayer’s epic intro sequence. The artist’s merging of the wildly popular anime and the beloved Nintendo title makes for one of the best crossovers you’ll ever see.

Animal Crossing got its first game in almost seven years with the release of New Horizons in March. The Nintendo Switch title introduced players to the new terraforming tool which allows them to shape their town to their wildest imaginations.

This new mechanic has sparked a wave of creativity from users, and one fan has used the feature to bring popular anime Demon Slayer to AC. The stunning creation reimagines Tanjiro and Nezuko in the most adorable way possible.

Demon Slayer re-imagined in New Horizons

Demon Slayer was the breakout anime of 2019, as the viewers from around the world became captivated with the Kamado siblings and their tragic story. The show’s opening has also become iconic in its own right, featuring the epic theme song ‘Gurenge’ by LiSA.

A fan of the series took Animal Crossing’s new terraforming tool and re-created the anime sequence in the Nintendo title. Seeing the beloved cast such as Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Zenitsu in their New Horizon form is every bit as adorable as it sounds.

The creator behind the project is YouTuber ‘Sneaky Egg’, who uploaded the intro to their account on June 2. The incredible re-imagining went viral with over 501k views at the time of writing.

The video cleverly recreates each shot from the intro using the social-simulation title’s in-game assets and emotes to capture scenes from the anime. Hilariously, the creator’s in-game villager is dressed up as Nezuko and gets chased around by Zenitsu as Tanjiro looks on.

Fans of the hit anime are in luck, as the show will continue in the form of the Mugen Train film which hits theaters in October 2020. The epic movie will bridge the gap between Season 1 and 2. For everything we know about the project, check out our guide here.

Despite only releasing in March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already the fastest-selling Switch title of all time. Just like Demon Slayer, the Nintendo release was a breakout hit, making for the perfect mashup between the two beloved properties.

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