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Animal Crossing player brings Pokemon Gold & Silver to New Horizons

Published: 5/Jul/2020 1:01 Updated: 28/Jul/2020 16:18

by Brent Koepp


A talented Animal Crossing player went viral after merging Pokemon Gold & Silver and New Horizons in an epic crossover. The clever creation re-imagines the Game Boy RPG’s National Park in a whole new way.

New Horizons dropped in March 2020 to high praise and incredible sales. The latest title in the long-running Nintendo franchise gave players the ability to transform their towns however they see fit with the new terraforming tool.

A Pokemon fan decided to use the game’s new mechanic to bring Gold & Silver’s National Park location to Animal Crossing. Their jaw-dropping creation brings the 1999 Game Boy title to life like you’ve never seen before.


Twitter: @zapsuit
Skilled Animal Crossing players such as ‘zapsuit’ have re-created Pokemon locations in their game.

Pokemon Gold & Silver re-imagined in New Horizons

Pokemon’s second gen Gold & Silver first released on Game Boy in 1999. The portable RPG introduced players to the Johto region for the very first time, while adding a wealth of new monsters for them to catch.

A creative fan of the Gen II title used Animal Crossing’s latest release to re-imagine one of the title’s most iconic locations – the National Park. In the games, it’s located north of Goldenrod City, and is where players tackle the Bug-catching contest.

Redditor ‘jetwei‘ shared their incredible creation and went viral. The player posted a side-by side shot comparison of their AC island next to the original 2D pixel version – and they truly brought the park to life. 


I recreated the Pokemon Gold/Silver National Park in New Horizons! (Sorry for the crappy composite, it wouldn’t photomerge well =/) from AnimalCrossing

At the time of writing, the user’s submission has over 9.6k upvotes. In a follow up post, they uploaded a video of their Animal Crossing villager exploring the Pokemon area. Just like the original game, the Redditor hunts for bugs.

Walkthrough of my almost to-scale Pokemon Gold/Silver Johto National Park (Bug-Catching Contest) (turn on volume for some nostalgia, I set it to the original soundtrack) from r/AnimalCrossing

Despite only releasing in March, New Horizons has already become the fastest-selling Switch title of all time. The previous record holder was none other than Pokemon Sword & Shield, making this the perfect mashup between two beloved franchises.

The terraforming tool has inspired players to be as creative as possible. Fans have done everything from re-creating Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, to the intro to Attack on Titan. Who know what they will come up with next, but we are excited to see.