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Animal Crossing player brings Pokemon Gold & Silver to New Horizons

Published: 5/Jul/2020 1:01 Updated: 28/Jul/2020 16:18

by Brent Koepp


A talented Animal Crossing player went viral after merging Pokemon Gold & Silver and New Horizons in an epic crossover. The clever creation re-imagines the Game Boy RPG’s National Park in a whole new way.

New Horizons dropped in March 2020 to high praise and incredible sales. The latest title in the long-running Nintendo franchise gave players the ability to transform their towns however they see fit with the new terraforming tool.

A Pokemon fan decided to use the game’s new mechanic to bring Gold & Silver’s National Park location to Animal Crossing. Their jaw-dropping creation brings the 1999 Game Boy title to life like you’ve never seen before.

Twitter: @zapsuit
Skilled Animal Crossing players such as ‘zapsuit’ have re-created Pokemon locations in their game.

Pokemon Gold & Silver re-imagined in New Horizons

Pokemon’s second gen Gold & Silver first released on Game Boy in 1999. The portable RPG introduced players to the Johto region for the very first time, while adding a wealth of new monsters for them to catch.

A creative fan of the Gen II title used Animal Crossing’s latest release to re-imagine one of the title’s most iconic locations – the National Park. In the games, it’s located north of Goldenrod City, and is where players tackle the Bug-catching contest.

Redditor ‘jetwei‘ shared their incredible creation and went viral. The player posted a side-by side shot comparison of their AC island next to the original 2D pixel version – and they truly brought the park to life. 

I recreated the Pokemon Gold/Silver National Park in New Horizons! (Sorry for the crappy composite, it wouldn’t photomerge well =/) from AnimalCrossing

At the time of writing, the user’s submission has over 9.6k upvotes. In a follow up post, they uploaded a video of their Animal Crossing villager exploring the Pokemon area. Just like the original game, the Redditor hunts for bugs.

Walkthrough of my almost to-scale Pokemon Gold/Silver Johto National Park (Bug-Catching Contest) (turn on volume for some nostalgia, I set it to the original soundtrack) from r/AnimalCrossing

Despite only releasing in March, New Horizons has already become the fastest-selling Switch title of all time. The previous record holder was none other than Pokemon Sword & Shield, making this the perfect mashup between two beloved franchises.

The terraforming tool has inspired players to be as creative as possible. Fans have done everything from re-creating Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, to the intro to Attack on Titan. Who know what they will come up with next, but we are excited to see.

Animal Crossing

TikToker pulls off perfect Animal Crossing impressions and fans are loving it

Published: 13/Feb/2021 5:16

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


TikToker ‘Bruhtuck’ has gone viral after pulling off two perfect and hilarious Animal Crossing impressions, including a deep-voiced squirrel and a high-pitched gorilla.

Nintendo fans can’t get enough of Animal Crossing. The social-simulation game pits a playable human character on a village inhabited by adorable human-like animals.

Its relaxed gameplay, which includes fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting, and building, is a huge drawcard for players.  However, the villagers and their unique personalities keep them coming back. 

2020 release Animal Crossing: New Horizons features everyone from Raymond, a hip-looking cat with a smug personality, to Zucker, a freckle-faced octopus with a lazy personality. The list goes on and on.

Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
Animal Crossing’s villagers all have unique quirks, personalities, and voices.

But hilariously, some villagers have deep and intimidating voices despite being small and harmless, while others have higher-pitched ones despite being an imposing figure. And nobody captured that discrepancy better than a viral TikToker named Bruhtuck

“You, you ever pull up to one of them cute a** animals in Animal Crossing, they’re like a squirrel, and then he be like,” he said. Then, he made a loud deep-voiced mumbling sound, which sounded exactly like some villagers.

“And then you look at a f**king gorilla, and [he] be like,” he said, before proceeding to do a hilarious high-pitch voice.

@bruhtuck♬ original sound – tuck

The video has gone viral on TikTok, with more than 320,000 likes, 16,000 shares, and 3000 comments.

It’s also done the rounds on other social media platforms too, including Facebook and Twitter.

But more importantly, it’s left everyone whose seen it in stitches with how accurate it is. Animal Crossing fans can’t get enough of it, and neither can we.