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Pokimane’s big-brain Among Us tactic exposes PewDiePie as an Imposter

Published: 31/Oct/2020 23:52

by Alan Bernal


Pokimane used a clever trick in Among Us that instantly exposed PewDiePie as one of the game’s imposters while teaching her audience an easier way to figure out if someone is trying to conceal their identity amid the crew.

It’s no secret that Among Us has become a go-to option for many of the top gaming streamers and YouTubers; these content creators have been refining their lies throughout their gameplay, though there are some pitfalls that they’re still easily making.

One of those mistakes as an imposter is not knowing the time constraints that a given task demands from the crew member before it’s completed. For anyone that hasn’t played, this means that someone with a keen eye on their fellow ‘crew’ can easily tell if someone’s trying to deceive the lobby by pretending to do a task.

Some imposters fake it well, some stumble through the game hoping they don’t get caught, and others still get exposed for a momentary lapse in judgment, which is exactly what happened to PewDiePie.

among us
You can keep track of other crew members in Among Us in more than one way.

Over on Polus in Communications, Pokimane was sus on Pewds as the two, along with 100 Thieves’ Valkyrae, were approaching the terminal to upload the task.

PewDiePie entered the room first, immediately going to the computer to start his ‘task,’ quickly followed by Valkyrae and then Pokimane.

“Pewds was on it, Rae got on it like a second after me,” she said to herself, keeping track of who should get off of the task first. “So Pewds should get off it first.”

But the longtime streamer was wide-eyed in disbelief after she saw that the white crew member belonging to the YouTube King was the last to leave the terminal. Always calculating the odds, she waited until later in the game to reveal her evidence, eventually voting to eject PewDiePie out of the game.

In the next round’s meeting, Poki further explained the deep thinking that went into her suspicions: “Upload is a set-timed task, so if someone else and I get on it at the same time, we have to get off of it at the same time. So because Rae and I got on it after Pewds and we got off of it before he did, it made me think that he was faking it.”

Turns out, she was right! After the second imposter was discovered and exposed, the game ended, proving that Pewds had indeed been the first killer. Pokimane’s 10,000 IQ assessment is yet another example of the type of awareness players need to have in order to be successful in Among Us.


Addison Rae teases playing Among Us with Corpse Husband, Dream & Quackity

Published: 1/Dec/2020 19:49 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 19:51

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Addison Rae might be making a shift from her viral dancing videos to an equally viral gaming trend, after publishing a cryptic tweet tagging some of Among Us’s biggest streamers.

Among Us has become one of the gaming world’s most popular titles, swiftly overtaking the likes of Fall Guys to dominate Twitch and YouTube, bringing with it a ton of the scene’s top personalities.

Pitting players against each other to weed out an impostor among them on a malfunctioning space station, the game requires stealth and excellent lying skills, providing a fun and unique challenge that has brought together a unique slew of gaming streamers to the scene’s forefront.

Names like ‘Corpse Husband’ have become massive entertainers seemingly overnight due to the game’s success, racking up millions of YouTube subscribers for his deep voice and humorous commentary — all without a face reveal.

Corpse husband in interview
AnthonyPadilla, YouTube
Corpse Husband is a wildly popular YouTuber who skyrocketed to fame for his Among Us content, although he also narrates True Horror stories and creates music.

Similarly, creators like ‘Dream’ and ‘Quackity’ have also popped up on viewers’ radars, birthing a new generation of YouTube superstars — and it seems like one of TikTok’s biggest creators is looking to get in on the trend.

Addison Rae created a tweet on November 30 that appears to hint at a potential collaboration with Among Us legends. The post itself was simple: tagging Corpse Husband, Dream and Quackity, Rae merely wrote, “Hey.”

However, it seems that her “hey” has caused quite a commotion online, amping up speculation for a possible collaboration between TikTok royalty and gaming’s finest.

It looks like Quakity is all in for the potential collab, who replied to Rae’s post with a cheery, “Hiiii.”

Dream has also responded, merely writing, “Yes hello” — a reply that has since garnered more likes that Addison’s original post.

While it’s unclear if the group is actually getting together for a round of Among Us or not, the possibility is certainly tantalizing for fans, who are all in for this totally unexpected project that seems to have caught both viewers and the creators themselves by surprise.

We’ll just have to see how good Addison is at playing impostor — after all, her constant denial of dating Bryce Hall didn’t exactly have us convinced in the past.