Link apologizes for putting employee in “harm’s way” in Good Mythical Morning episode

Virginia Glaze

Good Mythical Morning’s Link posted a public apology to fans on Instagram after an episode of the YouTube show sparked outrage among viewers.

On Monday, June 10, Rhett and Link got together to taste test chicken dishes from around the world. As part of the show, their supervising producer, Chase Hilt, dressed up in an inflatable chicken costume while the two hosts guessed which dishes came from what country.

About three minutes in, Hilt walked into frame and asked if his inflatable costume was “too loud” due to a fan constantly blowing inside the outfit.

Suggesting that there was a “way to fix the sound issue,” Link began repeatedly puncturing the costume with a dart. “You came so close to my knee!” Hilt exclaimed. “That was very scary.”

“Your knee’s right here, dude!” Link argued, grabbing another part of the costume and puncturing it with the dart.

“Look how close you got to actually stabbing Chase in the knee,” Rhett pointed out. “You are so irresponsible, man! Dang!”

“Well, his costume’s loud!” Link shot back.

(Topic begins at 3:14)

While the bit was intended to be humorous and sparked some laughter on set, a producer behind the camera noted that “everyone’s mouth is agape,” saying, “I don’t think you could hear much from the crew… we couldn’t even gasp.”

Viewers were quick to criticize Link over the incident, arguing that he could have actually injured his assistant.

“That was not one of Link’s best moments,” one commenter wrote on YouTube. “Chase is such a good guy though. He kept his smile and good disposition throughout the rest of the show. I don’t know if I could have done that.”

“Chase just being kind of quiet after Link almost stabbed him is disheartening,” another said.

“Link, I’ve been watching for 11 years and I was 12 when I started watching, and even back then I would’ve known not to do something like that,” yet another said.


On June 13, the YouTuber posted a public apology via his Instagram stories, where he called the bit a “failed attempt at humor” that “crossed a line and was inappropriate.”

“Chase and I have discussed it at length and I’ve apologized,” he wrote. “I may unpack it more in an upcoming Ear Biscuit. Thanks for your concern and feedback!”


While some fans are confused and annoyed by the outrage from their fellow viewers, others believe the outrage was justified.

“It’s so weird to have a problem with that moment specifically,” one viewer wrote on X. “Link does sh*t like this all the time, and most of the time people think it’s so funny? I’m not the biggest fan of that humor, but I can still appreciate it’s just a joke! So odd.”

“Link’s impulsive attempts at humor are not just cringe and annoying, but can also be dangerous,” another argued. “He has an issue with controlling himself. I like him ok, but because of these episodes, he has never been my favorite.”

“Not gonna lie, I felt like it was kind of aggressive for a joke and I felt kind of uncomfortable about it. I do think the way that people are reacting to it is a bit harsh, though,” another said.

For now, fans are waiting to see if Link further addresses the backlash in an upcoming Ear Biscuit episode. The duo has continued to upload episode as normal through the rest of the week, with Link’s apology being the first and, thus far, only mention of the incident through official channels.

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