6-player WoW team somehow clears Season of Discovery Gnomeregan

James Lynch
Enemies lie in wait in Gnomeregan raid in Season of Discovery

There are a lot of new experiences for players to enjoy in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery. One of the biggest is Gnomeregan and one group of hardy players has taken beating it to a new extreme.

One of the core principles of Season of Discovery is experimentation with the Classic WoW formula. This first attempt at Classic+ has largely been met with positive feedback from the game’s sizeable audience.

A big part of that is new raid experiences at the end of each leveling phase. Phase One allowed players to conquer an adapted version of BFD, while Phase Two has seen the halls of Gnomeregan reimagined. Both were designed for groups of ten, even with their significantly increased powers.

Now, one particularly intrepid group has conquered Gnomeregan with just six members.

Tiny squad dismantles Season of Discovery Gnomeregan

In a post on Reddit, one player shared the story of how they and five friends managed to take on the toughest Season of Discovery Gnomeregan has to offer, and win.

They did all of that without caster DPS, most of whom are in a particularly impressive spot. They also had only one healer, who presumably did a particularly admirable job of keeping the group alive.

Many were quick to praise the group. One said: “This is even more amazing than your BFD run. Super impressed and I think this is up there with speedrun and server first competitions.”

Another added: “This is awesome. Love seeing actual gameplay and high-effort content on this sub. Well done.”

A third, slightly sarcastically, said: “Yes but you’re not supposed to be able to beat Gnomeregan even with 40 melee because it’s caster meta and melee are unplayable, so this must clearly be fake.”

With Season of Discovery well into Phase Two, it’s nice to see players pushing boundaries. It’s unlikely that Gnomeregan will be completed with less, thanks to the mechanics on the Electrocutioner 6000 boss.

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