WoW players uncover big Mage Tower changes that make content much harder

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WoW Shadowlands players have discovered that the Mage Tower is much harder to clear in Shadowlands than it was in Legion. 

When it was first introduced in Legion, the Mage Tower challenged players to clear unique solo class-specific encounters.

Legion Timewalking in Shadowlands brings back the challenge with all-new rewards to obtain. However, players have discovered it’s much more difficult this time around.

Mage Tower difficulty turned up to 11

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The Mage Tower’s challenges are broken up by class.

Players on Reddit have discovered that it requires roughly double the amount of the DPS to clear the Mage Tower content as it did back when the area was first released in 2017.

Not only does this make clearing much more difficult, a change in game mechanics from Legion to Shadowlands essentially means players have one hand tied behind their back as well.

“In legion classes were balanced around their legendaries, thus they were active for the mage tower,” user lyssah_ explained. “In Shadowlands classes are based around their legendaries and covenants.”

“Neither are active in the Mage Tower,” they continued. “So, you are stuck trying to do an exceptionally hard challenge with a fractured kit.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Archmage Xylem hasn’t been taking it easy on Arms Warriors, Frost Death Knights, Havoc Demon Hunters, Subtlety Rogues, and Survival Hunters.

Blizzard has also come under criticism for nerfing a bunch of older items used for Timewalking the Mage Tower, rendering most of them “useless” according to some players.

So, not only has Blizzard made the Mage Tower more difficult by nerfing items, they’ve also apparently failed to account for a change in game mechanics, which means it will also take much more DPS to clear than it used to.