WoW player praises “beautiful dream” Season of Discovery despite not enjoying game

James Lynch
A player discovers a Rune in Season of Discovery bots

Whatever you may think about Season of Discovery, it’s difficult to deny that it’s the most experimental flavor of World of Warcraft ever. As such, some are now recognizing the positive effect it is likely to have on Classic WoW more generally.

Following its announcement at Blizzcon at 2023, many came to see it as Blizzard’s first attempt at Classic+. Classic players have long asked an exciting evolution of the original game and SoD does deliver on that pitch.

Players can enjoy new abilities and activities, all within the beloved world of Vanilla WoW. Though it has issues, regular updates address the most pressing concerns, and it is seen as an enjoyable next step.

Now, one player has singled it out for specific praise, despite not actually enjoying the game.

WoW players praise Season of Discovery’s effect on Classic

In a post on Reddit, one player shared their belief that Season of Discovery is worthy of immense praise. They said all of this as someone who doesn’t enjoy playing that particular flavor of WoW.

Many were quick to agree in principle. One said: “I had a short stint where I was really contemplating quitting SoD, but then I realized it’s a fun seasonal server that isn’t meant to be the perfect vision of Classic+. The devs throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks and that’s fine.”

Another added: “I have to be honest, I enjoy it less than WotLK. But it opened up a new perspective of WoW for me.. chill playing, level some alts, do an STV, level a profession, do a BFD and get an instant dopamine boost for the 2 levels, etc. I think SoD is achieving something that we haven’t seen from Blizzard in a long while, and I appreciate it more just for that.”

Whatever Season of Discovery’s long-term legacy, it won’t disappear entirely. The developers have already promised that players will have somewhere cool to take their characters after the seasonal experience ends. Whether there will be more than that remains to be seen.