WoW players can’t get over Eternity’s End’s shocking similarities to Destiny 2

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WoW Players Shocked Shadowlands Eternity's End Reveal Destiny 2 Comparisons With Logo

World of Warcraft’s 9.2 expansion, Eternity’s End, is set to introduce the fantastical land of Zereth Mortis, but some fans believe there is an uncanny resemblance between the new zone and another MMO-esque title: Destiny 2. 

Blizzard Entertainment kicked off the grand finale of WoW’s latest major expansion, Shadowlands, with their reveal the game’s 9.2 content patch, titled Eternity’s End.

With the stage set for a climatic showdown with the Jailer, Shadowlands’ biggest baddie, the 9.2 update looks to be packed with action — but, despite the loaded reveal, fans were quick to criticize the game’s next update, labeling it a “joke.”

As the reveal fell flat for most players, including popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold, fans also took issue with the art direction in Eternity’s End, with some calling out what they perceived to be visual similarities between WoW’s new content and Destiny 2.

WoW Eternitys End New Zone Buildings Characters
Some WoW fans took issue with the art direction in Eternity’s End, comparing it to Destiny 2.

WoW players shocked by comparisons to Destiny 2

After the big reveal, comparisons between the art direction in Eternity’s End and that of Bungie’s self-labelled “action MMO” began to spread on social media.

Several posts appeared on the game’s subreddit, sharing visual comparisons between art from the Eternity’s End reveal, and images from Destiny 2, pointing out what fans appeared to see as eerily similar visuals.

“[Update] 9.2 definitely gives me immense vibes from Destiny,” one comment read, before continuing “Vault of Glass is a big one that comes to mind for the overall theme.”

“I don’t even play Destiny and 9.2 reminded me of it,” a second player replied.

In a similar post, more players appeared to mock Blizzard over their choice in visuals for World of Warcraft’s next expansion. “Hey, can I copy your homework? Sure, but don’t make it obvious,” one player teased.

While plenty of fans agreed with the comparisons, others pushed back. “I get that Zereth Mortis isn’t as otherworldly as it could be, but you people are starting to sound like you’d complain about anything,” one comment read, rebuking the parallels between WoW and Destiny.

Others shared their own comparisons, calling out titles like Darksiders and Guild Wars 2 as closer in appearance to what’s on display in Eternity’s End. Even some Destiny 2 fans found the posts overblown: “As a D2 and WoW player, while I find these comparisons amusing, they’re not compelling.”

The World of Warcraft playerbase appears to be quite split over these perceived similarities, and this appears to be another stumble for Eternity’s End in the eyes of WoW’s community before the expansion has even launched.

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