WoW is getting a big Island Expeditions change in Patch 9.1.5

World of Warcraft is getting a big update to Island Expeditions in an upcoming patch that should finally make Azerite gathering a little easier.

Island Expeditions were first introduced in the Battle for Azeroth expansion as a way for players to earn the Azerite material.

Azerite nowadays is useful mostly for mounts and cosmetics from BfA, and Island Expeditions let teams of three players compete against another team for all the resources on an island.

The mode is still popular among those who need to farm it for whatever reason, and it’ll actually be getting a major upgrade following patch 9.1.5.

Blizzard officially announced on August 22 that, after the upcoming 9.1.5 update on October 5, Island Expeditions will be able to be run both solo and in groups.

“The time has come, adventure seekers! We hear your requests for private queues in Island Expeditions, and are now assessing the work required to release this functionality in the upcoming 9.1.5 update,” Blizzard staff posted. “Here’s our current plan: Once 9.1.5 launches, you’d be able to set sail on your expedition alone or with a party of up to three players on these seafaring voyages.”

The advantages to being able to run Island Expeditions alone are obvious. For one, you no longer have to find or coordinate with a group. Also, all the Azerite you find on the island is all yours – no sharing required!

There will also be just one opposing player on the island to compete with for those precious, precious mats.

What are Island Expeditions in World of Warcraft?

Blizzard Entertainment
Island Expeditions take players to exotic locales for Azerite harvesting.

The goal of an Island Expeditions are simple: To gather Azerite found on a mysterious Island. Exactly how you do so, however, is entirely up to you.

The Islands you will sail to are filled with enemies native to the Island, as well as enemies not-so native to the Island (ie: other players). Every enemy you kill, every chest you loot, every special event you complete all will award Azerite that is loaded up on your ship.

Like we mentioned above, Azerite is much less important in Shadowlands as it was in BfA. But, for those still grinding for transmogs or whatever else, this should be a welcome change.