WoW Dragonflight players love Tuskarr so much they want them as playable race

wow dragonflight tuskarrBlizzard Entertainment / Creative Uncut

WoW Dragonflight players are requesting developer Blizzard Entertainment add the Tuskarr as a new playable race after being spotlighted in the latest expansion’s campaign.

The Iskaara Tuskarr faction in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Dragonflight has quickly become the most beloved out of all the new factions in the MMORPG.

The Tuskarr are the humanoid walrus people of WoW and have been around since the early days of Warcraft.

While they’ve been beloved for being both adorable and honorable, now, players love them so much they’re asking Blizzard to make them a playable race.

WoW players want Tuskarr as next playable race

A WoW fan posted to the game’s subreddit a direct request to Blizzard for what the next playable race should be.

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“Okay Blizzard, that’s enough. Just give me Tuskarr as a playable race,” they said.

The post instantly went viral on the page, amassing over 150 comments and 350 upvotes in under a day since being posted.

While Tuskarr hasn’t been seen as a race within WoW that would fit neatly into the playable ones, with being such a focus throughout the Dragonflight campaign, players have a newfound love for them.

Users in the comment section completely loved the idea.

One WoW faithful said, “We got Pandas, so sure, why the f*ck not?”

Other players strapped their game designer hats on instantly and thought up what their racial passive could be. One fan noted it would be fitting if Blizzard gave them a belly slide, and made them adept at fishing.

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Although it’s somewhat unlikely Blizzard actually adopts the Tuskarr as a playable race, daydreaming about what it would look like sure is a fun exercise.