WoW Dragonflight player invents solution to long-standing hat problem

Lawrence Scotti
world of warcraft chef hat

A World of Warcraft Dragonflight player has created a custom transmogrification that makes players able to wear a hat while still showing off their haircut.

WoW players are gearing up for the launch of the MMO’s next expansion, Dragonflight.

Although the expansion still doesn’t have an official release date, it’s still slated to launch sometime in late 2022, meaning it won’t be long before dedicated Warcraft fans can explore the Dragon Isles for the very first time.

Ahead of the launch of the expansion, one WoW fan took it upon themselves to create a fix for a problem that’s been bugging WoW players since the very beginning.

WoW Dragonflight player fixes classic hat/hair problem

Since the dawn of WoW time, (2004 to be exact) World of Warcraft characters’ hats have completely covered their hair, completely erasing long locks when donning a hat. While not exactly game breaking feature, it certainly has proven to be annoying for fans who have an awesome haircut that wants to show it off while wearing a cool hat.

Peter Yu, the creator behind the popular Narcissus transmog add-on, created a nifty macro that allows players to see what their characters look like with their hair showing while donning a hat.

WoW characters using this macro certainly look much better with their hair showing rather than having no hair at all when wearing a hat.

Tons of social media users in his comment section wondered why Blizzard couldn’t implement this change themselves since it seemed so easy. Peter clarified, “The macros create a duplicate of your player model whose head slot will remain unchanged,” which could be the reason the change has never come.

Regardless, WoW players can still use this cool macro to see what their character looks like with a proper hat equipped,

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