WoW Dragonflight players demand big map change for Valdrakken

Lawrence Scotti
world of warcraft dragonflioght valdrakken

World of Warcraft Dragonflight players are calling on developer Blizzard to implement travel portals in the new Dragon Isles hub Valdrakken in order to make sure older locations don’t become “ghost towns.”

WoW Dragonflight is one of the most highly anticipated World of Warcraft expansions in years.

As players had grown sour of previous expansion Shadowlands, Dragonflight looks to be a big reset for the MMO

With Dragnoflight’s release rapidly approaching, WoW fans have asked Blizzard to incorporate one big change to Valdrakken before release.

WoW Dragonflight players want big addition to Valdrakken

wow dragonflight key art blizzard
Dragonflight is slated for a 2022 release date.

Valdrakken is set to be the main city in the Dragon Isles, serving as a hub for all players both old and new.

The city will have all of the key features WoW cities typically have including a Bank, PvP Vendors, Auction House, Crafting Stations, and portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

However, one player made a post on the WoW subreddit asking for more. Dandawg_ said, “Dear Blizzard, can we put portals to all the major cities in Valdrakken like we had in previous expansions and add transmog stations to all the cities? It saddens me to see the great cities of Azeroth as ghost towns. Trading in various faction hubs is essential to the World of Warcraft fantasy.”

The post instantly show to the top of the page with over 2k votes in under a single day since being posted.

WoW fans in the comment section were torn on the potential addition of portals to all other major cities in Valdrakken.

One user said, “It would be great to have all portals back but I doubt that this will revive the other cities.”

For the transmog station request, another user noted, “I completely forgot transmog vendors exist because I just use the mount that has one on it.”

Another claimed it could be a good idea for all cities, “I’d like this and for every major faction capital to have a portal room of its own along with all the extras that Orgrimmar and Stormwind get.”

While the transmogrifier addition is unlikely to be added in Dragonflight, WoW players are would like to see easy access to the old areas once the Dragon Isles are open to all.