WoW Classic players angry with “broken” trolling tactic

Joe O'Brien

World of Warcraft Classic players have discovered a potential bug that prevents Warlocks using a classic trolling technique.

At level 50, Warlocks can learn Inferno, which summons an Infernal demon to fight for the player for a limited period of time.

Unlike most Warlock minions, however, the Infernal can be released, and in original ‘vanilla’ WoW, would then become an aggressive monster that could attack nearby players. As a result, Warlocks could use the ability to wreak havoc, deliberately summoning and releasing an Infernal on unsuspecting characters.

In WoW Classic, however, it appears that this is no longer possible, with Warlock players reporting that when they release their Infernal it will only attack the Warlock themselves – if the player runs out of range, the Infernal will not attack other nearby targets before despawning.


It’s not entirely clear, however, whether this is in fact a bug or a deliberate decision by Blizzard. Given that it’s essentially a griefing mechanic, it’s possible that the developers have chosen to change it, and this wouldn’t be the only change Blizzard have made to prevent players from using monsters to cause disruption.

World boss Kazzak – who is due to be added to WoW Classic in Phase 2 – originally had an infinite aggro range, meaning players could pull him into major cities and other populated locations to cause havoc. Blizzard have already stated, however, that this will be changed for WoW Classic.

While the response to the Kazzak change has generally been positive, due to the extremity of the disruption he could otherwise cause, many feel that the more limited scale of Warlocks’ Infernals makes them very much part of the Classic experience.

There may not be too much need for panic just yet, however. Blizzard have largely remained faithful to World of Warcraft’s original state with WoW Classic, going so far as deliberately restoring some inconsistencies and bugs to maintain the experience, so it’s possible that this is a bug that will be fixed – especially as the beta tests only ran to level 40, and so higher-level content hasn’t been tested to the same degree.

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