Preach Gaming claims FFXIV’s popularity has actually saved WoW

Lauren Bergin
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Final Fantasy XIV has, for many, replaced World of Warcraft as the gaming universe’s premier MMORPG, but Twitch star, Preach Gaming, thinks the mass FFXIV exodus has inspired action within WoW.

Blizzard’s iconic MMORPG, World of Warcraft, certainly has had quite the rollercoaster ride during the latter half of 2021. Directly impacted by the ongoing lawsuit against the company, as well as issues with the Shadowlands narrative, players have been flocking to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV.

In an attempt to salvage their spot at the top of the table, Blizzard have announced that cross-faction raids will finally be made available in-game – a decision that negates years of factions being unable to play together.

With the community in awe, Twitch star Preach Gaming believes that the mass player migration to FFXIV is what may have inspired this decision.

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After years of constant feuding, the Alliance and Horde will finally be able to raid together.

Preach Gaming on how FFXIV has been good for WoW

As decades of conflict come to a close in response to Sylvanas Windrunner’s treachery throughout the latter half of Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, Alliance and Horde players will be able to team up and raid together.

Despite actively quitting World of Warcraft following the accusations against Activision Blizzard, MMO icon and Twitch streamer, Preach Gaming, has been resoundingly positive about the decision to enable cross-faction play.

“Maybe the surge to FFXIV is the best thing that could have happened to World of Warcraft,” he states during his February 1 stream, reiterating that “mayhaps it’s the best thing that could ever have happened to them.”

Calling the decision “great,” he concludes “I hope that this opens the door for some really big, cool raids with multi-guilds, like some really big story stuff that involves both factions. That would be awesome.”

Does this spell a return to WoW? The answer appears to be a pretty resounding no. He goes on to state that he would have Alliance characters so that he could play with friends “if I played World of Warcraft.”

However, the decision marks a brand new age for WoW, and may be just what the game needs to pull its fanbase back to Azeroth from Eorzea.