Blizzard just quietly confirmed WoW Classic Fresh and players are losing their minds

Blizzard just quietly confirmed WoW Classic Fresh and players are losing their mindsBlizzard

Blizzard confirmed that following World of Warcraft Classic: TBC Phase 2, they’re planning to make Classic Fresh servers, and although all the details haven’t been revealed, players are losing their minds.

In June 2021, Blizzard sent World of Warcraft Classic players a survey asking them how they’d feel about a Classic Fresh server. Not only would it give them a fresh start at the game on a seasonal cycle, but it would also include significant gameplay changes to spice things up.

It’s something that older MMORPGs like Everquest have done for a while now, and World of Warcraft Classic players have been longing for it, too. And it seems like they’re finally going to get it, after Blizzard quietly confirmed the news.

WoW TBC ClassicBlizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft Classic player’s prayers have been answered.

In addition to announcing that TBC Phase 2 is going live on September 15, they said: “We’re also working on something for WoW Classic players who’ve told us they’d like a chance at a fresh start and will be sharing more on our plans soon.”

And, to no surprise, players are ecstatic with the news.

A thread about it has already accrued hundreds of upvotes and comments, and the numbers are increasing by the minute. The consensus was that it’s “about time” they did this.

“There’s just something about starting at [the lowest level] with everyone else that’s just so attractive,” said one player. “If even a percent of the people join, it’s still gonna be great leveling with everyone again,” added another.

Blood Elf in Silvermoon TBC ClassicBlizzard Entertainment
A fresh start means there will be plenty of new characters running about.

Of course, some people had concerns. Some feel like it was a little too soon, while others believe it won’t be a significant improvement unless they do something about botters and gold buyers, which have been running rampant.

Still, it’s a net positive for a community in dire need of something new to rejuvenate the experience, and they can’t wait to hear more about it in the coming weeks and months.