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Annoying WoW Shadowlands bug makes one quest impossible to complete

Published: 5/Mar/2021 15:08

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft Shadowlands has attracted both new and old fans alike back to the WoW universe, but despite best efforts, Blizzard has to iron out a major bug with world quest ‘Flight School Up and Away’.

WoW Shadowlands has unleashed a whole new world packed to the brim with beautiful new zones, intense dungeons, and innovative quests into the iconic franchise. Having breathed fresh air into the game, old and new players alike are grappling with the Shadowlands universe.

There’s been a few little issues with the latest expansion, however. After one fan went viral for pointing out the Blizzard had neglected to update the licensing dates on the login screen, it turns out that there’s a couple of issues happening in-game, too.


WoW: Shadowlands bug ruins world quest

Bastion's zone in WoW, showcasing beautiful celestial buildings
Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion might look beautiful, but this World Quest is pretty much the opposite.

Supposed to be a fun addition to the daily grind, the Flight School quest has become one that WoW players are growing to dread. With the aim being to reach the temple at the top of the Path of Wisdom, you need to navigate the updraft to use flowers to bounce upwards.

This, however, is where things get difficult. A notorious bug means that you have to ensure that you land right in the center of the flowers in order to propel yourself to the next one. Even then though, you’re still not guaranteed to land in the hitbox.


As shown in a failed attempt clip on Reddit, even a calculated leap can still lead to you passing through the petals and dropping into the aqua abyss below.

Alright I give up from r/wow

How to complete WoW’s Flight School Up and Away

WoW Flight School Up and Away
Blizzard Entertainment
WoW players have never been so thankful they have wings.

Clunky controls can be a pain, but there are some tips and tricks to try and help you reach that infamous temple.

The main way to try and combat this is to:

  • Hold down W to ensure you keep your character moving forward.
  • Wiggle your character from left to right with the A and D keys or right mouse button to strafe, ensuring that your character doesn’t move in a straight line.

Considering you earn a decent batch of XP, as well as renown with the Kyrian, this isn’t a quest that you really want to miss out on. Hopefully, when Blizzard’s Chains of Domination patch goes live, we’ll see a fix. Until then, hopefully, you can overcome this challenge and learn to fly and bounce your way through the world quest!