Valorant pro AYRIN hits back at “false accusations” from Sentinels’ zombz

Professional Valorant player Jordan ‘AYRIN’ He says he was left disheartened after he was under fire from the Valorant community for supposedly stream sniping, an accusation made by Sentinels’ zombs.

It can be frustrating when your enemies seem to predict your every move in-game, and it’s something that professional players and content creators are met with constantly, especially on stream.

Dealing with stream snipers is never easy, but most creators find a way to move on. Sometimes though, it’s not a troll or an overexcited fan who is ruining your day, it can easily be another player or content creator.

Tossing out claims of stream snipers against others, however, can get messy, and that’s exactly what happened when Sentinels’ Jared “zombs” Gitlin accused XSET AYRIN of stream sniping his ranked matches.

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
zombs is a professional Valorant player for Sentinels, who are considered to be the best team currently in the world.

On August 20, after recently qualifying for VCT Masters: Berlin, zombs was streaming Valorant like usual, when he got into a game with AYRIN.

Towards the end of the game, AYRIN unexpectedly didn’t do what zombs thought was an obvious move, which would have lead to AYRIN’s death. zombs decided to call him out for stream sniping, but of course, you can’t call someone out for stream sniping without any solid evidence.

But zombs dropped a bombshell on stream, claiming that a former XSET and teammate of AYRIN said he stream snipes. “No way. He’s sniping, he’s not going to peek. Someone that was on XSET told me that AYRIN snipes at least,” he said.

Understandably, AYRIN was upset, and completely denied the accusations, and called zombs out for “false accusations.”

In fact, AYRIN even followed up to say that he encourages anyone with evidence of him stream sniping to bring it forward.

AYRIN clarified that he doesn’t care about the accusation from zombs, but he’s more concerned about the supposed previous XSET teammate who told zombs, even bringing up the possibility that zombs had lied.

Fans of the two professional Valorant players think that zombs was only joking about the accusation, but believe he was in the wrong of publicly outing AYRIN on stream.

Zombs is still yet to respond to AYRIN claiming the accusations are false, and it’s very likely we won’t see a response at all.