Wild Valorant bug gives Cypher a leg up on opponents

Cypher ValorantRiot Games

A new exploit has been discovered in Valorant for Cypher that, once again, lets him use his Spycam to essentially break the game.

We’ve already seen one insane glitch with the ability that actually allowed it to use a gun and shoot at other players.

Thankfully, Riot fixed that exploit in the April 14 patch – but just a day later, players have already found another wild bug that could almost count as an extra ability.

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Cypher's abilities as they appear in Valorant's closed beta.Riot Games
Cypher’s Sypcam is already turning out to be that ability in Valorant, you know the one.

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The issue allows Cypher to float in the air after being lifted up into position by a Sage wall, even after it melts away.

In a clip of the glitch captured by Reddit user ‘TheNeoStrike,’ we can see how simple the bug it actually is to pull off: All you have to do is watch Cypher with your Spycam when the wall breaks.

It’s important to note that you’ll need to shoot the wall away and have a teammate help you destroy the last piece in order to float by the time the round gets started.

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Once it’s gone, Cypher should remain, just floating in the air and vibing. NeoStrike also showed that it can be used to absolutely destroy an enemy team from behind, unless they decide to look up.

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As one commenter pointed out, they didn’t even really need to use the glitch, since the attacking team didn’t check their corners when pushing in, let alone looking up where an agent shouldn’t even be – but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.

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Since we’ve already seen a Valorant patch on April 21, we might have to wait until next week for another update, unless devs are able to roll out a hotfix in the meantime.

TheNeoStrike (Reddit)
A great example of why you should probably start looking up if there’s a Cypher on the enemy team.

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As we wait for Riot to address this bug (which hopefully comes sooner rather than later), it might be a good idea to start looking up a bit when playing against a Cypher and Sage on the same team.

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